Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My First Published Knitting Pattern!

The Old-time Favorite Dish Cloth

I have wanted to start writing knitting patterns for some time now.  So to train, I wrote up a very simple dish cloth pattern.  It is my version of the basic bias knit dish cloth. It is offered for free on my Craftsy pattern store page.  I am hoping to do another dish cloth pattern that will include 4 or 5 variations on the basic pattern. The knitting bag and notepad will be going with me to Panguitch tomorrow.  I am meeting up with my friend, Sandy for the Quilt Walk festival!  We have been teaching classes at this event for 4 years now.  We have always had a good time!  If you are anywhere near Panguitch, stop in and see the show!  They usually have a lot of quilts, wonderful vendors and other events around town.

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  1. I had a personal demonstration of this one. It was easy and the pattern makes for a good scrubbing dishcloth.


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