Friday, August 2, 2013

Little House

This month's Fast Friday Challenge is to use a book title.  I decided to use my first favorite book "Little House in the Big Woods".

I started with a drawing
I decided to try starting with a drawing.  Nina-Marie inspired me to try.  Of course, I am not doing a dozen or more.  In fact, instead of doing a second drawing I just drew lines in a different direction over the first lines.  But it is a start. Maybe the next piece will have 2 drawings.

The Backing
As usual, I start my collages with a backing and batting.  I noticed that the backing was directional, so I actually turned it to be right side up.  Normally I would have not worried about it.  Maybe I am learning to be pickier on things that don't matter in the grand scheme.

My usual, pull everything and use about 5 prints
I have a lot of nature and building prints.  Nice for landscapes.  Just looking at the pile gave me ideas for more landscapes.

I had the perfect background!
I had the perfect background of trees.  I had thought about more pieces to make it happen, but why not use one? I will be adding more embellishments to the project.

Good stopping spot for the night

My house needs some work.  I know that they probably did not have a painted front door, but I needed to highlight it so it would show up. Tomorrow I will start stitching down the pieces.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.


  1. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it! Perhaps a little more contrast too.

  2. You have some good ideas going here, Sylvia. I think Lisa is right. You could get a little more contrast in your trees for depth.

  3. imho it's those little things that make the imperceptible but so-important difference in the grand scheme! I'd love to see a series of these little houses - you have so many fabrics that would make them interesting, and it would be great to see how your ideas develop along the way...


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