Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's my birthday so I am having a giveaway!

Craftsy has offered me the chance to give away a class on my blog!  And the timing is perfect, it is my birthday!  I chose to offer Joe Cunningham's class----Pattern free quilt-making.  This class is on my wishlist and I am going to gift it to myself for my birthday! I met Joe once about 10 years ago. He gave a lecture to my guild. I was very impressed with his presentation. I love the work that he has been doing lately. I am looking forward to taking this class! Here are some wonderful pieces of art made by Joe.

Album Style
Cubist Rose
Joe with his latest piece.
To be entered into my giveaway, you must click THIS LINK. It will take you to the Craftsy site and if you are already a member, you will be entered into the drawing. If you are not yet a member, it will give you the sign up page.  Craftsy is free to join.  My giveaway starts on my birthday, March 9th and runs through the first day of Spring, March 20th.  Best of luck to all and thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to Joe Cunningham for sharing his work with us!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What a fun giveaway. Thank for the chance xx.

  2. Thank you! Happy Birthday!! I entered! The contest ends on my b-day!

  3. Thank you and Happy Birthday. :-) I love craftsy and YOUR work as well!

  4. Happy birthday and thanks for the chance

  5. Many Happy Returns of yesterday! Thanks for the chance to win.


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