Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinned, kicking and screaming

My latest bowl.
I have resisted the Pinterest addiction.  My friend had sent me several invites over the last few months.  I figured that I didn't need one more mindless thing to suck my time away. Because seeing how many projects that I am never going to knit were on my Ravelry queue, I knew that it would be overflowing and out of control in no time. So last week I had listed a couple of patterns on Craftsy, and said friend pinned them.  Then reported to me how they were being re-pinned all over the place.  And still I resisted. On Craftsy, I could see the pins on the patterns.  Quite cool actually to see the numbers go up.  Then the pins didn't show up for several days.  I was worried.  Was it because I wasn't on Pinterest?  Did everyone unpin my patterns?  What could be up with that?  So I made friend walk me through setting up a Pinterest account. Why did I have so much trouble?  Was it because I am blonde? Over 50? Stupid? Clueless? All of the above?  Or maybe because I had resisted so long?  I don't know. It did take me way longer than it should have to figure it out. And I am not going to get sucked into pinning everything/one and their dog.  Really, I won't.  So far, so good.  24 hours and I only have pinned my stuff and said friend's stuff.

Check out my latest bowl/basket in my Etsy shop!  I went over to a friend's yard and rephotographed a lot of my bowls. I think that they show much better now!

Monday, May 28, 2012

A new pattern in my Craftsy store!

Paradise Punch

I added a new pattern to my Craftsy pattern store. It is one of my favorite quilts, Paradise Punch.  It is a free form Drunkard's Path block.  No worries curves, they are not intended to match up.  I used a variety of batiks.  I have had students in my classes use various color schemes and themes.  30's repros, polka dots, blues and purples.  Or just totally scrapbag, it all works!  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hanging a Quilt Show

Setting up stands.

A good start.

A lot of quilts came in.

It is starting to come together

A lot of long quilts that need to be pinned up off the floor.

We only had one stand tip over, luckily no one got beaned in the head.

Now the show can start!

Down the center.

The other side of the center stands.

The south side.

My Dancing Rings.

Our little town has a festival each year over Memorial weekend.  The Scandinavian Heritage Festival.  This area was settled by Emigrants from Scandinavian countries.  There are booths, an authentic dinner at the college, 5K race, parade, home tour, bread baking contest and of course, a Turkey BBQ lunch.  In conjunction with the Festival, the local guild puts on a quilt show.  I have been helping my friend the last couple of years with hanging the show.  We had an excellent turn out of quilts this year.  I always bring extra quilts for "filler" and we didn't need to use them.  I believe the number of entries is about 65.   It is not a judged show, but we have a viewer's choice award. The show is held at the upstairs of the Ephraim Co-op. The Co-op just won an award for Best Home-based Champion of the year by the US Small Business Association.  Not only did they win the award for Utah, but also for Region VIII which covers 6 states! A full article about this organization and another about the award is featured in this week's Sanpete Messenger.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sew Day

Marcia finished her Twister quilt!

She did some lovely free motion quilting in the pinwheels!

Also in the border!

She can't decide whether to add more quilting to the Owl and Tree quilt.

Beautiful Orchid on Marcia's counter!

Marcia's delicious chicken salad for lunch!

We were able to get all the blocks sewn for the baby quilt.
Another productive sew day!  Marcia's house this week.  She had her twister quilt hanging on the railing to dry.  It turned out really cute!  The 3 of us worked together on the baby quilt.  Marcia and Sherre were on the sewing machines and I was pressing and cutting.  We were able to get all the blocks sewn.  There are just two seams left to have the top finished.  The bobbin was acting up, so we decided that meant it was time to stop.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dice and Splice class

The Horseshoe Mountain Quilters Opportunity Quilt.

Close up.

Peggy's strippy quilt.

The only photo I took of a student at work.

Dice and Splice Flag Quilt.

I taught my Dice and Splice Flag Quilt at the Horseshoe Mountain Quilters yesterday.  It was fun!  We had a potluck lunch as well. Peggy brought the Opportunity quilt which she had quilted on her long arm quilting machine.  The guild makes a quilt each year to raise funds for a scholarship to Snow College.

Peggy also brought her strippy quilt.  It is the same pattern that Sherre used for her red and black quilt.  It is a 3 dudes pattern.  Even though they both used black, the two quilts are quite different!

Friday, May 18, 2012

New drawings on the chalkboard.

Hawaiian quilts this week.

She wrote a description of the quilt style.

The graffiti side hasn't been redrawn since last week.

View of both sides.

I love the feel of the tropical flowers.
This week the quilt artist drew various Hawaiian quilt designs.  I love that they are all different sizes and that she drew quilting lines.  My drawings are still ghosting in the background.   It will be interesting to see if they show up next week after these quilts are erased.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Bowls for the Etsy Shop!

 Wrapped clothesline cord for the 3 new bowls.
The rosy pink bowl.
 Brown bowl. Almost looks like a basket.
 Scrappy Blues bowl.
 The trio.

I have made some more clothesline corded bowls for my Etsy shop!  I have always enjoyed making these bowls, and thought they might be something that would work for the shop.  I wrapped cord at Sew Day on Tuesday.  I stitched them together yesterday.  I am very pleased with the way the Scrappy Blues bowl turned out!  I had pulled all of the blue strips out of the scrap heap.  I tried to go from dark to light.  I think it worked out well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sew Day!

 Fabrics for the baby quilt.
Strips all cut!
 Marcia's Owl quilt top.
 French knot eyes.
My wrapped clothesline cord.
 Delicious salad with whole grain carrot muffin. 
 Rhubarb Cake

Another fun Tuesday Sew Day!  We were at Sherre's house this week. We are starting a group project, a baby quilt for our neighbor who is expecting a little boy in July.  We gathered from our stashes some possibly fabrics and then decided that the bright colors would work well with a white on white background.  After Marcia finished her French knot owl eyes, she cut strips for the baby quilt.  Sherre was trying to finish the border on her strip quilt.  I was able to wrap clothesline cord for 3 small bowls.

Sherre made a wonderful green salad.  Homemade pickled beets, tomatoes, avocado and carrots.  She also served a carrot muffin as a side.  And a rhubarb cake with rhubarb and mixed berry sauce!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Next Round of the Chalkboard Project.

 Brenda 's quilt drawings.
 She drew a variety of blocks that use half square triangles.
 Full view of her drawings.
 The graffiti artist's side.
 A view showing boths sides.
 If you look closely, my drawings are still visible.  They didn't erase very well. But I think that will add interest to the project.  Layers of chalk drawings.
Huginn happened to be there when I stopped by this afternoon.  He is leaving Utah tomorrow.

I stopped by the CUAC this afternoon.  My friend, Brenda, had drawn her quilt patterns the day before and I was very curious to see how it turned out.  She used the ruler to line up her pattern drawings.  My quilts were all drawn freehand.  I really like how she used such a variety of blocks for her piece.  I will try to make sure that I get down there to see all the drawings as the project evolves.