Friday, July 29, 2022


I have been completing some projects. I just haven't blogged about it.  Trying to get back in the groove. My eldest favorite child and her family came for a 3-week visit. They flew from Heathrow to Las Vegas. We picked them up there and brought them to our home in Southwestern Utah. We spent the week at home and then went to the family cabin in Northern Utah. They flew out of SLC and are now home safe in jolly old England.

While they were visiting, we had several good friends show up in town. It was wonderful to see everyone! Reminiscing over old times. The last couple of years we have had limited visitors and so this was such a treat. 

Wedding Signature Quilt

Since my daughter was here in person, I decided to make her finish the signature quilt for her wedding. I made the wedding quilt and the pizza quilt. We had rail fence blocks at the wedding for the guests to sign.  It was nice to get that UFO off my list. Later this year my daughter-in-law will get to sew their blocks into a quilt. My daughter and her husband will celebrate their 15th Anniversary in October. My son and his wife will celebrate their 15th next June.  The delay in the wedding signature quilts will be an upcoming blog post. Kinda like the Graduation Quilts story.

Along the memories theme of this post. I lost a former sister-in-law last week. Back in the day, when we were young and married to brothers, we were good friends. As happens when there is a divorce, we lost touch. We had tried to keep in touch, but it was tricky and awkward. The last time I saw her was 9 years ago at her son's wedding. We did not get a chance to chat more than a casual greeting. I have been very sad since I heard the news. She was a bright star in the world. Her death was tragic. Her sons and family are devastated. She took her own life.  I am linking to my nephew's youtube video of his thoughts on losing his mother. He is a fast car guy and does videos about his passion. Wonderful young man with a lovely wife and two adorable daughters. It is hard to watch, but if anyone needs to know how suicide affects those left behind, a worthwhile watch.  And if you need help, please call the new hotline.  988  

I wish that Jessica had made that call. RIP dear friend.

A lily for Jessica

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Friday, April 1, 2022

Two Boys

The end of January we had some wonderful news! Two boys, born two days apart on two different sides of the family! Some much needed good news in times like these. I didn't get the baby quilts finished in time to send off before their arrivals.  But I did finally get them in the mail on Monday. I used fabrics from a specific line from a few years ago. 

Granddaughter's quilt

In 2016 I made a quilt for our then new granddaughter!  Above is a photograph of her quilt as it is now. Here is a blog post of when I made the quilt. It seems to have held up wonderfully over the last 6 years. She was born on my father's 84th birthday! His best birthday gift ever! Another Great Grandchild. 

The leftover pile

Since the two boys don't live in the same part of the country, I figured it was okay to make similar quilts using the leftovers of my granddaughter's quilt.  I had really bought a lot of that collection. I believe I used the yellow for the backing on her quilt.  There was enough fabric to make both quilts, including the backing and binding.
My pattern

Yes I have Electric Quilt. And yes I do use it. Sometimes. I was going simple squares for these two quilts, so my drawing was a quick sketch on a piece of scrap paper to do a quick calculation on how many squares I needed for each quilt.


Since I had used mostly the yellow on my granddaughter's quilt there was a lot more of the other coordinates available. I don't remember exactly why, but I had an extra chunk of the lime green.


I did not use the teal on the first quilt. But I do like how it looks with the focus print. It is a very cute print. And even though it is from 6 years ago, I still think it makes a good baby gift. 

Green finished


Teal finished


 I quilted these myself. I sewed two wavy lines through each square. I then crossed them. Simple wiggle quilting that makes a fun design.

It really felt good to get 2 projects finished!  Even though they were very simple, quick sews.

Oh, and one other coincidence.  One boy was born on the date the day before my granddaughter's birthdate and the other on the day after! So we have 3 birthdays in a row!


 Our house faces east. We have wonderful sunrises.  Peace.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

The Wave!

I finally cut flannel for the two baby quilts I need to sew.  I hope to have those finished by next week. I have one top sewn, the other ready to go. Just six-inch squares in a checkerboard pattern.

A dear friend, Bethany Ebling talked us into trying for the permit lottery for the Wave. The in town lottery is being discontinued. We decided to take a chance. Friday was a no go. Sweetie and I went in on Monday and won!  Yippee! Along with Beth and her friend, we did the hike on Tuesday. Perfect weather. Beautiful scenery. Wonderful time was had by all.  My pretty photographs for this post were taken by Beth. She is a photographer. See her beautiful photographs here.

Me, Sweetie, Melanie and Beth

Me and my Sweetie

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Friday, February 25, 2022


One of my favorite words is Peace.  I think the world really needs that today. That is all I can make myself talk about what is happening right now.  Peace.

Little Bowl

Bottom of little bowl

I haven't posted for a week or two since I had nothing finished to post about.  I decided I needed a little bowl for my nightstand. I had given away all my little bowls. I had started to wrap clothesline for a bowl, so I finished that one. It is my favorite color.  Of course, nothing can be easy. Especially easy stuff. My machine (who is in need of a spa treatment at the Bernina shop) was not always picking up the bobbin thread at the left of the zig.  I had to crawl under my sewing table to get old Bernie out and put the newer Bernie in his case so he can go to the shop the next time I go to the big city.  But I did finish a little bowl!

This project has been on and off the design wall many times over the years. I am going to finish him next. I did trim the sections and I have binding cut. Now to figure out how to make a hanging sleeve for the side units of the quilt. 

Snow day

For my pretty photograph here is some birds at the feeder after a snowfall.

Peace. Pass it on.

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Finished Friday!

I finished the binding that I talked about last week! Such a great feeling to have another completed project! This was a QAL by Ladybug quilts. Autumn Friends.

Autumn Friends

Monday I was reading some of the linky party blogs. Always a lot of great quilts and inspiration! I found two blogs that highlighted designs that I had made years ago. In fact, both of those quilts are on my bed right now. We are at the 3 quilts part of the season. I have a bottom quilt, bedspread quilt for pretty and then a top quilt folded at the foot of the bed so it is easy to pull up. My bedspread right now is the quilt I highlighted last week.

Bull's Eye

The bottom quilt is my version of Bull's Eye. I saw a similar project on Beth's blog, Love, Laugh Quilt!  I used a slightly different technique, I did QAYG instead of making a top and then quilting it. I used plaids for the centers and outside rings. Then used a great variety of lights for the center ring and backgrounds. It has a serpentine border using the quarter blocks. Beth's quilt is much brighter and so cheerful! 


And my top quilt is an hourglass that I made years ago. Well, actually both of these quilts were made in the late 90's. The hourglass I made in a class with Barbara Peterson at Gentler Times. It was a fun class! A friend took it with me. We were having so much fun that twice I had run out of bobbin and didn't notice! Both times I had run at least a dozen sets of squares through the machine before noticing. I found this project on Deb's blog, A Scrappy Quilter. I love the way she is using two colors to add more design features to the quilt. I used a color scheme of browns, golds, and oranges. With tons of different lights for the backgrounds.

I love the way simple designs can result in such a variety of interpretations. So may ways to use a quarter square triangle. So many ways to use color, value and block placement to alter the look of the basic unit.

It was fun to find other quilts using the same basic design out in the wild of blogland. Totally worth checking out as many blogs as you have time for when the linkys show up every week.

 I also finished a hat for my granddaughter's birthday. I am a bit late with the hat, but I was working on it at her house and so she knows it is for her. She loves green!  The pattern is Da Crofters Kep by Wilma Malcomson. This is the second hat I have knit with this pattern. Link to my Rav project page.

And my pretty photograph for the post. We went on an OHV ride with some friends. This area is just north of Coral Pink Sand Dunes and just outside of Zion National Park. We stopped for lunch here at this rock.

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Friday, February 4, 2022

A finished quilt!

Turning 20

I made this top years ago. At least 7 or 8 years. It got stuck into the quilting pile.  I am not going to be quilting large bed quilts on my domestic machine anymore. I sent this one out to be quilted. I am happy with the result. It has a coral-colored flannel on the back. Since it has been so cold this week, it really is nice and warm.

I am working on a binding so I hope to have another finish next week.

winter cheer
And for my pretty photograph of the week, my African Violet is blooming right now.   A little bit of cheer in the new year!

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Monday, January 24, 2022

Two weeks in a row!

Second week posting!  I am trying to finish up UFO's. I have a ton of tops. Not to mention piles of blocks everywhere. I realized that I really don't want to quilt large quilts on my Bernina anymore. I like to do my own machine quilting on art pieces and smaller quilts (baby, maybe twin) but I am done with anything larger unless I use QAYG.  I dropped off a couple of tops to the machine quilter in a nearby (well, 75 miles) bigger town and had them quilted. I am pleased. I didn't go for the fancy pants quilting, just basic stuff.

I made this top about 7 or 8 years ago. I love blue. The blues were all from my stash and I bought several each of yellows and oranges for the squares. It is large, it hangs down both sides of my queen size bed. I have some flannel on the back. 

This was finished before the new year, so I can't count it as a 2022 finish. I am hoping to get 12 UFO's (bed size) completed in this year. Along with some smaller pieces.

Our neighbors in the Desert

We went to Arizona for a couple of weeks over the holidays.  We camped near these guys and chilled. It was nice to have some calm and some peace. I love saguaros and so this is my pretty photograph for this post.

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