Friday, July 2, 2021

Frank Lloyd Wright

I have a lot of UFO's. Some dating back 20 years. Or more. Not just quilts, but some knitting projects and cross stitch as well. I ditched the cross stitch to my daughter a few years ago. I was never going to finish the set of Christmas stockings I had started.  One was 3/4 finished and none of the other 4 started. 

I believe it was 2003 (maybe 2002) that I took a class from Jackie Robinson in Sacramento at the guild. It was the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass class.  I did get my top finished that year. But it had a pouf in the middle section so I had picked out some of the stitching and took off the two edge pieces to trim the larger pieces a smidge. Then it went into time out.  I have since moved 2 times, once across state lines back to Utah. The project would surface now and then. But one of the edge pieces I had taken off was missing. Back to time out.  Sometime in the last year I had pulled out that box and decided I would just have to make new piece.  It sat in the corner of my cutting table for a month or two. I was digging through another little project tub to see what was in there, and WaHoo! The missing piece was there with another UFO from the same era as when I had taken Frank apart all those years ago.
I sewed Frank back together and got it basted. Because I used a multi colored batik for the background, I really had to use invisible thread to quilt the glass sections. I have a lot of brands of invisible thread. No matter which I use, I dislike it thoroughly.  Yes, I did way loosen the tension. I just don't like working with it. But this project needed this thread. I made it through and I am happy with the result. I have a little art niche in my front room. I always have a quilt hanging there and also use it to photograph finished wall hangings (note the graduation quilt) but sometimes they are longer than the space.  It works for a finished photograph and then it either goes to storage or in this case, to its permanent location.

Final Hanging Spot
It still amazes me that I had selected these colors way back when in Sacramento and they are the colors of where I live now in Kanab, Utah!  When I had pulled the project box out I knew that this piece would work well on this wall in my hallway. It is just the right size, length and width.

Maine Quilts
A few weeks ago Sarah Ann Smith had a drawing for a new book that has some of her quilts in it. She drew my name! "Maine Quilts 250 Years of Comfort and Community" by Laureen A. La Bar. It is a wonderful collection of historic and modern quilts and their stories. I haven't read the entire book yet, just the first couple of chapters. But I love these types of books! 

Cactus flower

And my pretty photograph for this week.  This cactus blooms this time of year, but the last couple of years it has not. The first year it did.  I just adore the beautiful color and the shape of the petals. Like all cactus, the blossoms only last one day. I should get a couple more in the next week before it is done with its show.

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