Friday, September 26, 2014

Sadness in September

My in class sample from last week's class
Last week I posted about the Utah Quilt Guild's annual Quilt Fest. I realized this week that I did not take any photos at the quilt show or in my Saturday class.  I was a bit distracted all week. I was able to get my bags unpacked. I moved my class sample from the portable design wall onto the wall in my sewing room. I am trying to sew a few pieces in between other things.

By Florence Evans
Every year at the Fest there is a Mini Quilt raffle. I always donate a mini quilt to this event. I have always bought tickets, but have only won once, way back in about 1997 or 98.  I won a mini quilt!!!  Made by my good friend and co-teacher Florence!  

The reason that I was distracted last week is that my Father-in-law was in the hospital. On Saturday my husband got a call and he flew out there the next morning. He was able to spend some time with his Father before he died peacefully on Tuesday. It is sad for me, Dave was a wonderful guy. I remember the first time I met him in 1979. Sweetie had brought me out for a visit to meet the family. I was surprised to see Dave helping out in the kitchen, it was something my Dad didn't do in those days. We sat down to dinner and there was a green salad. Offered at the table was Dave's Special dressing. As Ranch dressing (which I loved) had just came on the scene, I pouring a generous helping over my salad. Imagine my surprise to find out when I took the first bite that it was HORSERADISH dressing! I can still feel the tears in my eyes. 

Dave loved to garden. The vegetables were always so lovely and delicious. The flowers were beautiful. The backyard was peaceful. A great loss to our family.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday at Quilt Fest


Some of the wonderful designs of my students in today's Emerald Pools class! I loved that everyone had a different color scheme! I am pleased with the progress that everyone made today!

Marilyn's Margarita Monkey Apron

Barbara's Stuffed Monkey

Lisa's Last minute ATC

Mitzi's Story book

Kathy's Monkey Bars (I can't get it to rotate, UGH)

Sandy's Snap Bag

Helen's hurt Monkey

Close up of hurt Monkey

My "Socky and Friends"
I challenged my friends to make something, anything using a chunk of sock monkey fabric that was from an old pair of pajamas. I am thrilled with the variety of the ideas everyone came up with! We all voted and Marilyn's Margarita Monkey apron was the favorite project!

This is my off the wall post for the week.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Every year it seems that Utah Quilt Guild's Quilt Fest creeps up and surprises me! I think that I have plenty of time to get ready and then the next thing I know it is time to pack.

Samples for Walking Foot Wonders
I did get a pile of quilts ready for my machine quilting class. Florence and I like to show a lot of examples in class. I have started to bring smaller quilts so that I can pack more in the suitcase.

Emerald Pools samples
A couple of months ago I had 2 friends test my Emerald Pools class. I was really going to get that quilt quilted, I ran out of time. But since it is a top, it packs easier in the already full  class suitcase.

In class working sample
And my demo pieces are all cut and ready to go. Well, except for the black. I also got the copies made of my class handout, so all set on that front.

Last year I gave all my buddies a chunk of sock monkey fabric. I challenged them to do something with it, due at this year's fest. Guess what I am working on this weekend?  Last minute Lewis strikes again. I hate riding the edge of a deadline, yet I do it time and time again. I will have a lot of stops on my way North Tuesday. It should be a fun event.  

This is my off the wall post for this week, next week I will check in from Quilt Fest!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Off my rocker Friday

3 hours, 9 minutes, 13 seconds

Close up of swimmer and sparkle

The monster
Last month my daughter swam the Bear Lake Monster Swim in July. She has wanted to swim across this lake since she started swimming competitively when she was a child. I am glad she got the chance to do it in an organized race with a full support crew. I decided to honor the occasion with a piece for the A4 challenge group.  The theme  is "Off to the Races".

I used a fancy pants netting to make the water sparkle (yes, the lake is that color!) I fused the swimmer, the support kayak,the monster and the finish arch.  At my daughter's request I added a green swim cap. I was not able to add the #13 (her bib number) to the cap, it is way too small. BTW, she was thrilled to get #13, that was her water polo number. It didn't quite turn out as I expected, but I am happy with it.

Below are the finish photographs of my daughter, Kimberly, completing the race.She had expected to swim it in 3 1/2 hours or so. She did a time of 3 hours, 9 minutes and 13 seconds! She placed 6th overall (men and women) in the unassisted solo category!

Photo by Josh Green

Photo by Josh Green

This is my off the wall post for the week, I am also linking to link a finish Friday.