Monday, December 23, 2013


I try not to get political on my blogs, but the events that have been happening the last couple of days in my state have inspired me to make an art quilt piece.  I am only in the design stage at this point. And because of the holidays I am not going to be able to do much more than that for a couple of weeks.

Hand dyed fabric
I had recently found this fabric in my pile of hand dyes from one of the dyeing parties. I remember thinking I should do something with it soon. As I was in the shower today (I get lots of ideas in the shower!) I thought of a design to use this fabric to mark the historic ruling on Friday.

Rough drawing of my design idea
I had a vision of the shape of the State of Utah cut from the rainbow fabric.  I also want to include the historic date of the court decision and the number 18 to commemorate where we stand nationally in granting civil marriage rights to all citizens of our state.  I am still not sure how the details will turn out,  but I am so inspired right now that it is difficult to pull myself away to do the things that are scheduled for today.

This is my Design Wall Monday post, check out what everyone else is up to at Judy's blog.  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I've got the Dyeing Blues!

Turquoise in a ziplock
Accordion folded in a ziplock

Crumpled in a ziplock
Accordion folded on the diagonal in a ziplock

Dye painted on with sponge brushes.
I did a second dyeing!  This time I was working with 4 shades of blue.  My favorite color! I dyed 3 yards of fabric.  4 half yards and then one big yard piece I painted the dyes on.  The photo of that one is not true to the color.  It is going to be a night sky scene. I had so much fun with this!  I always enjoyed the dye party that the guild in Salt Lake puts on almost every summer.  So I did have a pile of hand dyes that I had done the last couple of years.  But I hadn't washed them after the rinse and had an issue when I used a piece in a quilt.  I had washed the quilt to block it.  The hand dyed piece leached dye, but only into the back of the quilt.  After this dye session I decided to wash all of my hand dyes with synthrapol to be on the safe side. I found that I had a bunch of "scenes" that I had dyed at the parties that never got finished.


I am not sure what I was trying to design with this

And each year I had made a tree.  A series of sorts I guess.  The bottom tree was the first one and the top was the second.  The middle one is my favorite right now.  But that could change.  So my goal for 2014 is to get some of these scenes quilted and embellished. I am also wanting to try some stuffed work on the trunks of the trees.  So a new technique to start the new year.

Two years ago my friend Anne and I did a collaboration. It was very inspiring for me.  I set the rules; we each pieced a top and then the other had to somehow expand it from within and then finish it off.  We decided to do another collaboration.  This time Anne set the rules.  We were to send the other person 2 fat quarters, or quarter yards.  One was to be hand dyed (by us).  The other could be dyed, but had to have some sort of surface design added. Stamping, painting, or whatever.  We then have to use a recognizable amount of each on the front and can add two more fabrics to the mix. We just exchanged our fabrics. We will be having a reveal of our quilts in the fall.

My dyed piece for Anne
Oops, forgot to take a photo after I had
rubbed a paint stick over a textured surface
the turquoise fabric

I thought I had taken a photograph of my surface design piece of fabric.  Can't find it.  But it is really cool!  I rubbed a Shiva paint stick over a texture plate.  I used a copper metallic stick.  

The fabrics that Anne sent to me.

I have an idea on what I want to do with these two fat quarters.  I am still in the mentally designing stage. And I won't be able to show you my progress, you will just have to check back in September!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday blues



About the only thing going on in the sewing room or the design wall is to make some more clothesline bowls. I have a holiday party for my quilt group on Wednesday and need a gift for the exchange.  I haven't decided which one to take to the party. I still need to trim the loose threads and then the rest of the bowls will go up into my Etsy shop this afternoon.  I keep 3 of these clothesline bowls in my sewing room.  The smaller ones are perfect for thread catchers!  The threads really stick to the bowl.  I have two smaller bowls next to each machine and a larger one at the cutting table. Last year I had brought a bowl for the gift exchange and the lady who ended up with it really liked it!

This is my Design Wall Monday post for this week.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Judy's blog.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Adventure in Dyeing- First Dye!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about starting my foray into fabric dyeing, this week continues the adventure! I spent some quality time with the unfinished basement. I was able to get a corner cleared out to set up a work station.
Old dining table
I have had this old table for over 30 years.  It has been stripped, but never refinished.  I put a vinyl tablecloth over it to protect it from the dyes.  I am also using another piece of plastic over that, just to be safe.
Fancy pants beer box shelves
I was able to tuck these boxes under the side of the table to store some of the supplies. I am trying to go cheaply, so the beer boxes are free and if any get damaged, I can get a replacement easily.
Baker's rack and computer desk
More space for storing supplies.  I figure that I can use the keyboard tray to hold the laptop if I need it while playing with the dyes and paints.  Yes, those are my LP's.  I don't have a turn table right now, but just can't quite get rid of my collection.  Too many memories.
Ready to mix!
All my stuff is lined up and ready to go!  

Soaking fabric in Soda Ash
I cut 4 fat quarters of my PFD bolt.  I also cut 3 yard cuts of some muslin to use for mopping up excess dyes.

I was trying for a Southwest look, so I mixed up orange, chocolate brown and terra cotta.
Plastic bag dyeing
I let the dyes set overnight.  I know that after an hour or two, they stop "cooking", but it worked out better time wise for me to rinse them out the next day.

Mop up "rag"
I was surprised how much dye was all over the plastic drop cloth.  I am looking forward to seeing what fun colors emerge the more this rag gets used!

Soaking out the excess dyes
I let it soak for quite a while and then rinsed them well.

All done!

Painted dye with a brush

Another brushed piece

Crumbled into the plastic bag

Accordion folded in the bag
I am pleased with the way the 4 fat quarters turned out!  Next up is turquoise blue!  I want to dye it just the blue and white and then do some paint stick rubbings over it with a copper color.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week!  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again! And I have a Winner!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to be going along and then poof! it all goes south? I had joined the Giving Thanks Quilters Blog Hop Party hosted by Michelle of Quilting Gallery. Things were going wonderfully, I had a wonderful list of comments, I gained 11 new followers (thanks a ton guys! It means a lot to me!) I was looking forward to Thanksgiving with the kids and grands, everything was fine.  So I thought.  I have tried not to be Whiny with a capital W, but in the last 2 months my very reliable internet has been very sketchy.  It started off the days before I was heading to the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest the second week in October.  It showed that I had a connection, but wouldn't load pages.  After several days the ISP techs decided it had to do with the tower up Manti Canyon where my signal is generated.  Since then I have had trouble weekly.  Every time it was blamed on the tower issues.  Then it snowed up the mountain and the techs had to use snowmobiles to reach the tower.  Either the signal was so weak that I couldn't get a page to load or the internet was down for a day.  My internet was down for 3 days in a row in late October.  It has gotten to the point that I keep my fingers crossed after the internet has been working smoothly for 3 or 4 days, just waiting for problems.  Every week in November, same thing, can't load pages, or completely out.  Most of the time it would be back up within 24 hours.  Not last week. 

I thought that I was past the finger crossing.  Tuesday I was responding to the last comments on the blog hop post, photographed 10 new listings for my Etsy shop to be ready to activate in time for Black Friday.  I had gone to Karen's for some coffee and knitting that morning.  
Koa, Karen's beautiful puppy dog
I decided to head to Curves since I was trying to be consistent with my workouts and would work on my listings when I got home.  I got home and the internet was down.  Sure enough, more tower issues.  I called again on Wednesday after cleaning and setting up the guest rooms for kids.  More bad news.  The internet would be down until Friday or Saturday.  I was not amused.  In reality, it did not come back up until yesterday afternoon, sometime after I had gone to the city library to check email.  I had tried to call them on Saturday, got stuck in a holding loop and then tried again about 3pm and was able to leave a message. Although their office is open until 2 pm on Saturdays (which you do not find out until after they close and you get the voicemail option) no one returned my call.

That was just the internet issues.  My son had been sick on Wednesday and did not come down with his wife and the boys.  We did have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  On Friday we missed skyping with my daughter who lives in England.  We were able to speak with her on the phone, but the whole point of skyping with her is so that she could see everyone and we could see her and it would almost make it feel like she was there. And since we had no internet, no skype either.  We went to Manti City to see the light parade and then had pizza at home to have a family birthday party for my 4 year old grandson.  Saturday early in the morning my Son-in-law, my husband and I all were sick with a stomach flu.  They were all scheduled to leave that afternoon, but left by 11am.  SIL was feeling well enough to make the 2 hour drive home.  My husband and I spent time napping or reading.  It would have been a perfect time to bum around the internet.

Ready for the sunset!

Sunday we felt better but were still trying to go easy on food.  Lots of tea and toast.  We put the house back together and I went down to McDonald's to check email using their free wifi and send out a few messages. And since it is a unsecure connection, I chose not to try and get my online banking caught up or do any online shopping (Knit Picks was having an awesome yarn sale that I had meant to shop on Tuesday evening)

Isn't it funny how much we rely on the internet?  I felt lost.  I live in a small town and use the internet as my link to the outside world.  I try not to whine a lot in my blog posts, so this should last me for a while!  I was unable to do my usual Design Wall Monday post this week, or do an Off the Wall Friday post last week. And I was not able to draw a winner for my giveaway which I was scheduled to do on the 27th.

Thanks again to everyone that visited my blog for the blog hop! I tried to respond to all comments, but I am sure that I missed a few, especially the last 2 days of the drawing.  I did draw a name yesterday afternoon.
Karen wrote: Apple!  I am not a fan of pumpkin pie!  So the tote kit will go out in the mail to her today! Thanks everyone for stopping by!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Just a quick note, my internet has been down since Tuesday.  I am checking in at Micky D's.  I will do the drawing in a couple of days when I have my internet back.  Thanks for understanding.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday Quilt Auction!

Quilt donated by Carol Holding

This was the big money quilt!

This won viewer's choice at the show!

Lovely Antique quilt!

Section that I helped arrange.

Matching Circus quilts
I helped with the silent auction at the Holiday Quilt show and Auction on Friday night.  It is held every two years.  I didn't get to town in time to see the show, it is always very well done.  They not only display the quilts by hanging them, they also have beds and decorations.  Themed rooms and such.  And it is a wonderful cause, education and research.  I was so busy working to set up the silent auction quilts with my friends, that I really did not take very many photographs.

This is my Design Wall Monday post for this week.  Check out Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Just an FYI, my blog hop giveaway will be drawn tomorrow, so there is still time to enter.  Go to this post.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Giving Thanks Quilters Blog Hop Party

Michelle is hosting another Blog Hop Party and I am joining in!  This time the theme is Giving Thanks. One of  the things that I feel most thankful for is the wonderful sunsets that I am lucky to enjoy looking off my back patio!  This time of year the Sun puts on a show nearly every night!  And since we look out over the Southwest part of Sanpete Valley we have an exceptional view of the sun going down each night!

Check out Michelle's blog for the list of all participating quilt artists!  She is so kind to put this all together and spends quite a bit of time making sure that everything is going like clockwork.  Please take a minute to look around her blog and to also comment and tell her Thank you!

For my giveaway I have a See me Sew tote bag kit!  It has a wonderful toile print as the main fabric.  It is featuring Riley Blake fabrics.    

I don't believe in making my readers jump through multiple hoops, so please just leave a comment on this post telling me what is your favorite pie (or other dessert) for Thanksgiving dinner.  My favorite is Pecan Pie! Extra delish if there is Kahlua in it!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you take a minute to look around! 

I will be drawing a name on November 27th.  One entry per person please!  Thanks.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random Photographs

My week has been rather scattered.  No studio time. I have been working on setting up my basement dyeing workspace, hope to dye this weekend. I hope to have pics for next week.  So my only inspiration has been provided by Mother Nature.  We are on the East bench of this valley.  My patio faces South and we look out over the Southwest part of the valley. We have wonderful views of sunsets this time of year!  And this last week has had quite the cloud show, during the day and also at sunset!  

I am wondering about trying to use Spoonflower to print a sunset on fabric, has anyone tried this process to print a photograph?  Actually, maybe I want to mess with some of the textures in the clouds to design some sort of repeat that would make a nice print for fabric.

This is my Off the Wall post for the week. Check out Nina-Marie's blog for more inspiration!