Monday, October 26, 2020


Wow. It is the end of October.  Time flies when you thoroughly slack off  during a worldwide pandemic. I had meant to start blogging again once we got home. So it goes. We spent most of September at the family cabin at the lake. I had bought a used sewing machine that I could use up there and leave it so I don't have to haul a machine back and forth. And Sweetie scored a white plastic folding table for free at a yard sale. So I pretty much have all the makings of a sewing room for the cabin. All I needed to do was pack a tub with some projects and I would be good to go. Our niece, Amy was getting married the first week of October so I went looking for the quilt top I had set aside for her.  I know I had it in a safe place in the sewing room or either of the closets that I use in the house for fabric/projects. I could not find it anywhere! I spent several hours looking. Tried to remember the last time I saw it. Ah, the last time my local quilt guild had a sew day in March. I think I brought it to show someone. Of course, right after I emailed the gang to see if anyone may have gathered it with their stuff, I remembered that I had rearranged my sewing room a bit to switch out my table and some things in tubs went out to the shop (where I had already looked through some stuff). So I went to look again. I knew that there had to be some more tubs of my stuff. Sweetie comes over and asks me what I am looking for. He then MOVES a stack of large coolers that were blocking my view of another stack of tubs. And there it was! Efficiently labeled in the correct place to see if those coolers had not been blocking. 

Labeled Tub

Amy's quilt top

 So in theory I would have worked on the wedding quilt. A little bit. I took three lengths of fabric and sewed them together for the backing. That is it. I meant to work on it since we got back home, not a stitch. I will open the tub today, really, I promise.

I had another project with a mid September deadline. It is for a "Deck of Cards" challenge. 

Strip piecing for the hearts

I had meant to take a lot of in progress photographs. Only had a few.

Before the edge treatment. I had found this fun, funky shirt fabric at a retired costumer/cosplay yard sale. It looks like Seinfeld's pirate shirt!  I quilted it and then added the hearts. I couched down the hearts with a fun frou frou yarn. 

The corners needed to be rounded to mimic a playing card. I am sure that it will be easy to guess which card I was assigned!  You can see the entire collection at Utah Quilt Guild go to photo gallery and click on Deck of Cards.

Queen Anne's Lace

I had this shawl finished for a long time, finally got around to blocking it. I just love this design!

I am still spinning yarn. I try to spin a little every day. It really has improved my skills. Now if only I could FMQ a little bit every day that might help with my skills in that area as well.

Sunset at Bear Lake
I have been trying to end all my posts with a pretty photograph. This is a sunset one of the last days we were at the lake. 

I hope all of you are safe during these scary times. 

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