Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy New Year!

Slacking off to start off the new year, this is my first post of 2016. I am still having some internet access issues, hopefully things will work out in that department.

New Baby quilt
We are expecting a new granddaughter, any day now (she was due yesterday). I finished her quilt last week. I had rotated it in my photo program, but when I uploaded it to the blog it rotated back. Anyone know how to rotate a photo on the blog?

Challenge Fabric
My little quilt guild handed out brown paper bags with fabric in them. Each is different.  My friend, Marcia, got a bag with this and I got another fabric. We traded bags.  I need to get something made from this by next month's meeting.  I have an idea. Hopefully next week I can post some progress photos.

Metal sculpture in St. George, Utah

Yarn Graffiti near Kanab, Utah 

I love finding art! On a sidewalk or out in the wild! Recently I drove to St. George to visit my dad and saw this metal sculpture outside a thrift shop. Very cool! And then sweetie and I were out driving around the Kanab area and I spotted this Yarn Graffiti on a sign post near Jackson Flats Reservoir! I haven't run into any before and was thrilled with this sighting! I know that a lot of the people that tag trees and other objects with yarn call it Yarn Bombing. I find the term implies violence, so I chose to call it Yarn Graffiti, which I feel implies art. One of the Yarn Bombers in one of my Ravelry groups explains that they are trying to take back the term bomb.  Um, well I don't get it. How do you take back a term like bomb? Am I missing something? Does that word have another meaning besides an explosive device meant to injure or destroy, or the verb of detonating an explosive device?  I am not going to argue the point. They are decorating the world with yarn and trying to make people smile.

This is my Off the Wall and Finished Friday post for this week.