Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reveal of the Collaboration quilts

The top that I created.

What Anne did with it.

Anne's top.

What I did with it.

At the show with our quilts.
The big reveal of the collaboration quilts!  I didn't recognize the piece at first.  Anne had sliced and diced the top that I had made, added more strips and over dyed it.  Then she added the silver lizard.  It is titled "Shiny Lizard".

I had trouble figuring out which was up on Anne's top.  When I first turned on the ceiling fan this summer, it blew the piece off the wall and I put it back up and it was right side up.  I was inspired by a sunset photograph that I made at the Crossroads campground.  I cut the curves using a free form technique.  I added the strips of orange and turquoise and decided that it needed the black to define the edges.  It is titled "Crossroads".

Crossroads campground on the Colorado river.
 December 29, 2011
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  1. I loved the idea of your project together! Such a fun thing to do with a quilting buddy. Both of the quilts look awesome. WELL DONE!

  2. You know I think there is something really special about collaboration projects - its a chance to connect and step out of our own little box - even if its only to share the box. Hmmm might have think of someone fun to do it with - yours turned out great!


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