Friday, July 29, 2016

And there goes July!

It is hard to believe that July is just about finished for this year! The summer seems to be flying by. I am behind on my Sweet Sixteens.  I finished April yesterday. I have March started.  February and January are completed. I don't have a good idea for June, but do for May and July. And now I need August as well. It will happen. I hope to get myself caught by the end of the year.
Flower Power for April
April's color is purple.
Close up
I had experimented with some new ways to wiggle quilt the background. I like the effect, and will do more with this idea soon. This photo was rotated by blogger. Why does it do that to me? I can't make it rotate back. It was right side up when I took the photo, right side up on my computer and then it rotates when uploaded to my blog. Gremlins.
Emerald Pools
I started quilting on this guy earlier in the summer. He got set aside and now it is time to finish!
One line of Quilting
So I only got one line of quilting sewn before he was set aside. It still counts as the quilting is started! I hope to have this finished for next week.

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  1. The ideas will come eventually. Just do some mindless sewing and your mojo will provide the idea!

  2. Love your background fill in the flower piece. Adds a lot of nice texture and different from any I've noticed before.

  3. I really, really like the background quilting in that flower block - so pretty! I think you should definitely keep up with experimenting, and then do a tutorial! ;)


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