Friday, May 21, 2021

Windy Day

The wind has been heavy today and yesterday.  It should calm down later this evening. Even though I am inside, I still feel rattled about.

One other thing to note, the program that my blog uses to email those who have subscribed to receive the posts via email is ending this summer.  I don't remember what the widget was when I set it up and I am not that savvy to try and do something else. Just wanted to let you know so that if you would like to continue reading my silly little posts you might want to follow instead.

Wild Geese
My friend and sometimes co-teacher, Florence, asked me to play with some ideas for a class she was developing for the Utah Quilt Guild's Spring Remote Fest that is going on right now.  The photograph above was the original class and she wanted to add more options for the improv piecing.  The new class is "Scrappy Triangles"
I played with some of the options for using strips instead of squares in this piece. It was fun!


And then I was playing with shorter strips and put them up on the wall. I loved the look of this arrangement. Later I realized it was not feasible to sew the pieces together unless using major set in seams. Ditched that idea.

Another setting using the Wild Geese

I had another set of geese blocks that I played with and came up with this setting. It is a top, just waiting in the quilting queue.

Florence has a ton more ideas in this class.  The class is available to anyone, not just guild members. You pay one price and get access until May 31st to five different classes.  Guild members get a discount. It is a great deal.  Sorry that I didn't tell you about it sooner, but there are still 11 days left of access if you are interested. I am a guild member and friends with a couple of the teachers but have no vested interest or paid commission coming to me. I am sharing my quilts and wanted to let you know where you could take the class. Link to the event.

All the B's
I didn't finish my Sock Madness socks in time, so I am out of the competition. It was fun. And if I wanted, I could knit the next few rounds, just won't be able to count for the team. I am going to finish another project instead, I put it aside to knit socks.


 I have a few pots with Pansies.  I love them!  My pretty photograph for this post.

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  1. What cute little quilts - a great way to use smaller pieces of pretty fabrics!!

  2. Scrappy triangles is as cute as can be. Happy quilting.

  3. I love to see what creative people come up with. I love the strip idea but no, set in seams would be a mess! Thanks for the heads up on the class link. Although I'm rather zoomed out for the time being. Time to get to the sewing machine for awhile.


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