Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspiration in Salt Lake City

I am in Salt Lake City this week waiting to meet my new granddaughter.  The only thing I can work on is some inspirational photography.  Luckily for me all my friends have wonderful gardens!  I have been working on improving my close up photography.  I think that the fuzzy cactus would be fun to interpret into an art piece. Maybe using some dimensional thread work.  I will see what I come up with when I get back to my studio next week.  Click on the photographs to enlarge.

On another note, the magazine challenge that I entered posted the finalists and I am not on the list.  The victory for me was in actually entering.  I really need to put myself out there more.  I am glad that I made the effort to finish the piece and submit an entry form.  It was a learning experience.  My piece was very emotional for me, I am not quite ready to share it here.

This is my Off the Wall post for the week, check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.


  1. I love your flower photos. I don't remember seeing the striped petunia photo when you were here. It's beautiful!

    I'm very proud of you for putting your experience out there in quilt form. Great job!

  2. It was nice to see more spring like flowers again. Our state is in full blown summer and all those types of flowers are long gone in my garden. Thanks for sharing! (Here from Nina's blog)


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