Friday, June 23, 2017

A Week at the Lake

We are spending the week at the family cabin at Bear Lake. It has been lovely! The weather is nice, the water is up and we are missing the record hot temps back home. I brought along a couple of knitting projects to work on this week.
Baby Hat
First up is a baby hat for our nephew and his wife. They are expecting a little girl in October. I think every baby needs a hand knit hat to wear when coming home for the first time.
Warm up pattern
Next up is the warm up pattern for this year's Tour de Sock. Although it says it is a speed knitting competition, it is very relaxed. You can race for speed or just for fun. There are teams and for a donation to a worthwhile charity, Doctors without Borders, you get 6 patterns and a lot of fun. This year the competition starts a bit late, so there is a bonus 7th pattern to warm up for the race.
I am not very big on colorwork on a sock. But I decided to try it out on the warm up sock. I think it looks good! But it is a struggle for me to get the tension correct.
One sock finished!
I finished the first sock last night. I left off the colorwork on the foot since that is in the shoe and won't be seen. Since this pattern doesn't count for points, I don't have to worry about altering the pattern.
Crafting space
My studio space this week! Along with the appropriate beverage for a summer day at the lake.
White Columbine
My Dad planted columbine all over the yard. There are a lot of color combinations, I love the all white version.
Snow in Summer
Another perennial that shows up this time of year is Snow in Summer. It has a very small blossom and grey foliage.
There are also a lot of Daisy plants that come back every year! So cheerful!
Another Columbine
Another lovely color combination on a columbine!
Bear Lake
I love this lake! My parents bought our lot in 1965. My Dad built the cabin the next year. I grew up here! We spent almost every weekend at the lake. Along with at least 2 full weeks during the summer.
Peaty swimming
My dog loves to swim! Even though the water is a bit too cold for me, he still has to do a quick swim. The water is usually warm enough about the 4th of July.
Classic Lake View
I love watching the sailboats on the lake! There were only a few this week, but by July there will be a lot more.
In recent years the water level has been way down. It is close to the high water mark and so the view of the water is very close. I enjoy watching the water fowl. Here are some geese. We also saw ducks and pelicans. Sometimes there are swans as well.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Making a tiny bit of progress, better than none at all.

This time of year the 3 quilts on our bed has dwindled to just one. I still like this quilt, I made it over 15 years ago. I date things by where we were living and we were still in Salt Lake when it was made. I use it quite a bit. I do rotate what quilts are on the bed and this one is there frequently.
My Bed
It is starting to show some wear. I made this using my Dice N' Splice technique.
Repair needed
There are several sections that look like the photograph above. Nice thing is that it is an easy repair. Stupid thing is I don't think about it except when I am under the quilt and this is in my face.
Binding issue
There is one small section of the binding coming loose. Again, a very simple repair.  Just need to think of it during the day and not after I get into bed.
Bunny by Grandma
In the late 80's and early 90's my parents were living in Friday Harbor, Washington. A friend of hers had a pattern for the bunny and my mother made one for each of the grandchildren. I believe this is the only one left. It was made for my son who just turned 35!

Why does blogger rotate my photographs? UGH! Anyway this is Charlotte. When we were getting our house in Salt Lake ready to put on the market, I found an old doll crib that my dad had made for me when I was very young. My daughters were then young adults and it had been stashed away to store. I had told my walking buddy, Sandy, about the crib and how I was disappointed that I did not have a single doll from my child hood. So a few weeks later she shows up to my door to go walking and from behind her back she pulls out Charlotte! She made me a doll for my crib!  The doll crib has been passed on to my granddaughter.

A good friend was teaching a class on this sheep doll. I thought it was fun! The "sheepskin" is batting.
Still working on my block of the month samples. I did skip September because the floral I had out worked better for the October block. Just trying to get ahead of the game. There is no guild meeting in July, conflicts with the 4th of July, so I am caught up for the August meeting.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Getting Caught Up

Yesterday I drove up to Panguitch, Utah with a friend to see the Quilt Walk festival. I am not teaching at this event this year, but it was fun to just go for the day and see the show, shop at the vendors and take in the noon time trunk show by Christa Watson. I ran into quite a few friends. It is a small town show in conjunction with the town's festival. I only took a few photographs.

Plaid raw edge applique
I love homespun plaids! I like quilts that look like they belong in a log cabin.
Bright Chevron
I am not usually a pink person, but for some reason this Chevron made me smile.
Daddy's shirts
This piece was made using cut up plaid shirts. I love log cabin blocks and like this variation.
Family reunion
I love quilts made to celebrate family! This was a family reunion quilt. And it features one of my favorite blocks, the Nine-patch.
Memory quilt
Another family quilt! The description did not really tell the story of this family, but I loved the collection of photographs.
My Star Block of the Month
I am in charge of the Block of the Month for one of the local guilds. I am reusing my star block of the month patterns that I made for another group a couple of years ago. I decided to make another set of the blocks in a different theme. Since I missed the last 2 meetings I was behind on my blocks. So this week I was able to get caught up. I am hoping to spend some time this weekend and try to get the rest of the sampler blocks sewn and be ahead of the game.