Thursday, May 29, 2014

Really off the Wall

I am still so excited to announce that I have a quilt in the upcoming "Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge" book! It is available for pre-release orders at Amazon. Which means I really should preorder my copy!

This week has been busy and I have gotten a lot done on an art quilt, but I am not ready to show it publicly so for this week's Off the Wall I am posting photographs of the weeds, er, um wildflowers from my "nature-scaped" backyard.

Sego Lily

My herb garden is doing ok, still needs some weeding and trimming. I love my chives!

I cut all the blossoms to make chive blossom vinegar. Even after only a couple of hours the color is leaching from the flowers! I made some last year, it is great for making vinaigrette. Has a nice oniony taste and a lovely color. Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Design Wall Memorial Monday

I finally got a quilt finished! Last year Brenda of Pieplate Patterns was the president of our Quilt Keepers group in Wales, Utah. She gave us a block of the month and I joined in. I really enjoyed piecing the blocks every month.  I did get the top finished earlier this year and got the piece quilted earlier this month. Now it is bound and hanging in my entry.

I have had these blocks floating around the studio since March. I decided to redo one block because it had some raw edges that would not be hidden under the seams of the sashing (and it wasn't crooked enough). I do plan on another version of this quilt as you go technique and I have that not crooked guy and a partial in these blues and greens. I may go with the blues and greens again, and I may just go some other direction, who knows? I have my sashing auditioning on the wall. I may have to go back to the scrap bag to find a few more strips. I am pretty sure that I want to use that dark green for the binding.
Another thing that has been hanging around on the design wall is a challenge that I am doing with a friend. She provided the shell stamped fabric and also the hand dyed orange/goldish piece. I have an idea and have several other hand dyes auditioning on the design wall. Hopefully if I get the sashing finished on the blue/green guy I can get going on this one.

And I have some exciting news!  In the upcoming release of "Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge" I have a quilt that will be in the book!  We just got notice of the cover and are allowed to start talking about the book! My quilt is "Twist and Shout".  I can't share a photograph of it yet, but I will as soon as they say to go for it! I am told that the book is available to pre-order at Amazon.

This is my Design Wall Monday post!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Small Town Quilt Show

Every Memorial weekend our small town of Ephraim, UT puts on Scandinavian Festival. The town was settled by Mormon Pioneers from Scandinavian countries. Our little quilt group puts on a quilt show in conjunction with the festival. It is a non-judged event with Viewer's choice awards. Letting everyone (including kids and husbands) vote gets them involved in looking at the quilts. I spent 4 hours helping hang the show today. Here are some photographs of the quilts. Sorry about the bad lighting, lots of sun shining through the windows. The price you pay for a sunny day!

We hang a clothesline along the railing for small qults

Our community service quilt

First aisle in the middle

Second aisle, the two quilts on the right are mine

Other side of aisle one

Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild raffle quilt
Each year the other local quilt guild, The Horseshoe Mountain QG, make a raffle quilt. They raise funds to give a scholarship to a student at the local Jr. College, Snow College.

Antique quilt

This year we had quite a few antique quilts come in. I love the soft, warm look of the above quilt!

Two more of my quilts.

Another Old quilt

Detail of a mend

Interesting choice of  fabric

The center square

Another mend
The above piece really intrigued me. It was made from denim and heavy pant fabrics. The gentleman who brought it in didn't know who made it, but suspected it was a family member. It was found in a family sheep camp (sheepherder's trailer) underneath some boxes or something like that. I love log cabin designs and this is definitely the intended design. It weighs a ton and is hand quilted.

Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilt Story
The gentleman who brought in the sheepherder's quilt also brought in the Crazy quilt above. He bought it at a Hollywood Estate sale. He said he has a photograph from the show of Robert Young with this quilt on his lap, but he couldn't find it to hang with the quilt.

Vintage Sue blocks
These are vintage blocks that someone sashed with modern repro prints and had the quilt machine quilted.

Another Older quilt, probably early 1990's

Back side of Aisle 2

Back Wall

Lovely stars.

Noah's ark

Vintage quilt top, recently quilted by a mother and then bound by her daughter

Quilt back, just as pretty as the front

Quilt front, just as lovely as the back

I would guess from the 1980's

Beautiful wool quilt

Nice sampler

It was an exhausting day, but I really think that the show looks nice! So if you are anywhere near Central Utah in the next two days (Friday or Saturday) stop by and check it out!

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Thanks to everyone who entered my drawing!  The random winner is:

i like tulips!  Commented by Karrie S
My tulip in the front yard

Monday, May 19, 2014

Design Wall Monday

For last week's guild meeting we went to Tracie's house for a potluck and trunk show. After showing us a few quilts,she let us wander her house because she had quilts all over the place!
I love this version of a log cabin quilt!

Her closet full of quilts!

EZ Crazy quilt
I had forgotten that she had taken my EZ Crazy quilt class when I first moved here. I love to see finished quilts from my classes! It was a fun meeting!

My Iris's are in full bloom!

On my "wall" this week is to finish the binding on my sampler Block of the Month from last year. I can't see the black threads in the evenings anymore, so I need to work on it during daylight hours.

This is my Design Wall Monday post for this week.

Monday, May 12, 2014



I am participating in Sew Mama Sew's giveaway day! I have 3 wonderful patterns and a yard of Blank solid jet black fabric to giveaway!

Just answer this question via a comment on this post:

What is your favorite Spring flower? I am torn between daffodils and lilacs!

I will be on the road May 16th, so will take entries until 8 pm on May 18th. Please make sure that you leave me some way to contact you if you are the winner of my drawing. I will not hunt you down, I will draw another name. 

I love new followers, but will not bribe you to become one. One entry per person. Random drawing will be held to determine the winner. I will ship internationally.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you take a few minutes to look around!

Design Wall Monday

What a surprise for Mother's Day, Snow! My first thought is "there go all the baby peaches on the tree". 

My backyard, May 11, 2014
And then I realized I could have one more snow dyeing session! So I rushed around getting my PFD fabric ready to go into the tubs and sweetie filled them with snow.

One of my tubs of snow dyeing
I like to let them melt overnight, so today is rinse and washout day!  I will post the results later in the week.

And since I was unable to go out and pull weeds, I spent some serious time in the sewing room. I was able to get my design arranged, triangles sewn into squares and then the squares squared up. Today I will sew the squares into a top. I am happy with the way it turned out. Can't wait to see how Diane's turns out.

I am participating in Sew Mama Sew's giveaway day! Go to this post to enter!