Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer days are here again!

I love salad dinners in the Summer!

I never made it home this week, still waiting for my new granddaughter.  She is now 8 days late. I am lucky to have some wonderful friends that don't mind me lurking about their house for over a week and a half.  My husband came up over the weekend, we had two family weddings to attend.  One Saturday and one on Sunday.  Both lovely.  Then he returned home.  I just knew that if I tried to head home I would get a call and have to turn around again.  So I just stayed put.

I have been knitting, that is all I brought to work on.  I did go to a luncheon with a friend.  Wonderful group of ladies, some quilters, art quilters, and cross-stitchers.  I really enjoyed that day, lovely garden, wonderful conversations, really a lovely day.  And an open invitation to join them anytime I am up when they meet monthly.  I also went to my former weekly quilt group.  I miss that.  They have a monthly evening program and then meet weekly just to work on their own projects and visit.  Best group ever!

I went out to my friend's veggie garden yesterday and did some weeding. Her cherry tomatoes are going to be ready soon.  She also has a zucchini just about large enough to harvest. I am starting to miss my own garden.  My husband reports that all the seeds I planted before I left home have started to sprout.

So yet again, my Off the Wall post is purely inspirational photographs.  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful flowers and not a bad looking salad!

  2. Florences garden is gorgeous! I have some blooms but nothing fruiting like the photos you have taken. I hope everything survived while you are gone and so happy that your grandbaby finally made an appearance! Congratulations Grandma.


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