Friday, May 27, 2016

Ephraim Quilt Show

Every year the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day weekend our little town puts on the Scandinavian Heritage Festival. In conjunction with the festival, the local quilt guild stages a quilt show. It is a non-judged show featuring quilts from guild members and also the public is invited to display vintage family quilts.

Debbie and Kate minding the show
Behind Debbie and Kate is this year's raffle quilt. The Horseshoe Mountain Quilters make a quilt each year to raise money for a scholarship to Snow College.

A theme quilt
Last year Jessica designed and made a quilt for the show. She was awarded one of the scholarships from Horseshoe Mountain quilt guild a few years ago.  This year her quilt is just as fabulous as last years! I was unable to get a better photograph, the piano was in the way.

Some views of the show.

Debbie with her quilt
Close up of the quilting

Debbie is a fabulous long arm machine quilter! My photo does not do this quilt justice!  It just glows! The fabrics were well chosen and the quilting designs really compliment the piecing design.  She does quilting for hire, check out her website.

Sanpete Sampler

Brenda of Pie Plate Patterns designed a sampler featuring things related to Sanpete County. I think she did a wonderful job finding blocks that represent the county's history!

Row by Row experience
There are quite a few of our local quilters that have been participating in the Row by Row Experience. All four of these quilts won first finish at local (well, Utah) shops. They seemed to have a blast gathering patterns and visiting shops.  I might try it this summer.

Attic Window
I like this idea!  What a fun way to use a scenic panel!

Karla's tie quilt
My flash distorted the color, the red is more of a burgundy red. This was made with silk ties and silk fabrics. It is featured on the Scandinavian days website.

Art Quilt
The stitching on this piece is wonderful!

Me and my quilt
I chose to display my Utah Centennial quilt. I started it in 1996 (Utah's Centennial) but didn't complete the quilting until almost 10 years later. It is hand quilted.

We had several Lone Star vintage quilts entered into the show. The one on the left is made with satiny fabrics.
Vintage Courthouse Steps
Close up
This was lovely! Made from ties.

This is my off the wall and Finish up Friday post (Only finish of the week is helping hang the show)

Friday, May 6, 2016


This week is the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City. I was excited to attend, the Inspired by the Beatles exhibit was going to be there. Since I have a piece in the exhibit and I have not yet been able to see the quilts in a show, I made sure to go to the show this year. I volunteered to white glove in the Beatles area on the opening day.

Twist and Shout, upper middle quilt

It was very exciting to see Twist and Shout hanging with all the other wonderful pieces from this group!

Up the nose selfie
A bit better selfie
I tried to take a selfie with my quilt. Hmm, my selfie skills leave a lot to be desired. I tend to try and look up into the camera and end up showing off my nostrils. Then I try to over correct. Still not good. About that time a friend stopped by and offered to take a photo for me.

Much Better!

So much better!  Thanks Cindy!

Helen and her Cathedral Windows
After my volunteer gig I hooked up with my friend Helen.  We wandered the show and I did not take many photographs, but did take one of her with her Cathedral Windows quilt. My former group in the Salt Lake area had a display and her quilt was with those.  Along with my other friend, Lisa.

Two of Lisa's pieces
On the right is Andrea's wonderful piece from a guild challenge a few years ago, Make a banner. The middle and left are Lisa's quilts.  She had told me that she was submitting Takeaway and SWR (Sylvia was right) to the show. The one on the right is SWR.

Not Takeaway
But the one in the middle is not Takeaway. She had gifted me Takeaway for a birthday a couple of years ago. Last summer she was presenting a trunk show and I had lent back to her several art quilts that she had given me. She still has them (too long a story).

This is Takeaway
This photo is from her blog, this IS Takeaway!  The name came about because she had made it with the intention of giving it to me and then the surface design group was having a show at a gallery and she needed something to hang in the show. And it needed to be available for sale. So she Took Away the quilt from me! Lucky for me it did not sell during the exhibit and I was able to take it back. It had been hanging in my studio until I lent it back to her last summer. I hope she gets a kick out of this, but I can't harass her about it, she is in the midst of her son's wedding this week.  

This is my off the wall and  finished Friday post for this week. And Emily's Moving forward Monday!