Friday, October 21, 2016

At least one thing is done!

I finished my Sweet Sixteen for March, Fern. I now have 4 of 12 completed. What a stupid idea to start a year long, monthly challenge to myself while in the midst of the longest move ever! I had March started in March. I finished April a while ago, Fern was stewing for a bit.
Fern close-up
The background color is correct in the first photograph. I did a bit of free motion quilting to make the little leaves that unfurl. The rest is quilting with my trusty walking foot.
Fern back
Since this was for March, and it was green, I used some shamrock fabric for the back.
Never ending Grandmother's Flower Garden
I pulled out my hexagon quilt to work on at the local guild's weekly sew day. I prefer not to drag a machine along and since I am trying to meet people it is a good take along project. I have no idea when I started this, but I am pretty sure it has been at least ten years ago. I started off wrapping and basting to papers. I didn't count, just started cutting squares and wrapping. Then I started to put some of the hexagons together into flowers. I am using repro 1800's fabrics and a red print for the centers.
Starting from the center
Once I had a dozen or so flowers together I decided I should figure out a layout.  This is the center of the quilt. I haven't figured out what is next. I am setting these flowers together with black prints in between. It is a slow process and I might never finish it, but it is fun to work on.  Every once in a while.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Quilt Fest

We are finally moved into the new house, completely! As with most of this project, our timing went totally crazy.  After a few delays we finally signed the papers. And of course, it was the day I had to drive North for Quilt Fest in Layton. Sweetie drove South to the new house with the puppy dogs. We hooked up again at the family cabin the next weekend. Our trailer was parked there and so we left from there for a post retirement trip to Wyoming. Sweetie is so more relaxed, retirement is going to suit him! He has worked hard for a lot of years and deserves to to it easy. Since we were without internet, I was not able to post about Quilt Fest until now.

My Dear Friend and teaching partner, Florence with her wonderful Tulip quilt! Perfect hand applique and machine quilted! For some reason this did not get a ribbon. It should have!
Another Dear Friend, Lisa, with her abstract Hello quilt! She does wonderful free form piecing!
Ruth aka "Mom"
Another Dear Friend, Ruth. She is my substitute Mom and very dear to my heart! 10 years ago while we were at Asilomar, I made this little cake quilt for her. Along with being my Mom, she is also my Dessert Monitor. A position that she takes very seriously! And she does her job well! She had found it recently and brought it along to the conference.
Finished my Emerald Pools!
I did not take any classes this year, with all the moving hubbub I just couldn't get it together to prep for a class. I did buy a table in the retreat area and brought a few projects to work on. I was able to finish the binding on my Emerald Pools! Ta Da! A finish!
Emerald Pools!
The completed quilt. This top was such a UFO. I had sewn it at Bryce years ago. Taught a class on it 2 years ago at Quilt Fest. The in progress to demo quilt from that class was finished soon after the class. It feels good to have it Done!
Class samples
Florence and I taught our Walking Foot Wonders class on Saturday. It went very well. Just a sampling of quilts that we show during class. We each had a suitcase full of quilts to show. Lots of different design ideas for using your walking foot.  Florence is the precision part of our team, I am the wing it part!

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