Friday, July 29, 2016

And there goes July!

It is hard to believe that July is just about finished for this year! The summer seems to be flying by. I am behind on my Sweet Sixteens.  I finished April yesterday. I have March started.  February and January are completed. I don't have a good idea for June, but do for May and July. And now I need August as well. It will happen. I hope to get myself caught by the end of the year.
Flower Power for April
April's color is purple.
Close up
I had experimented with some new ways to wiggle quilt the background. I like the effect, and will do more with this idea soon. This photo was rotated by blogger. Why does it do that to me? I can't make it rotate back. It was right side up when I took the photo, right side up on my computer and then it rotates when uploaded to my blog. Gremlins.
Emerald Pools
I started quilting on this guy earlier in the summer. He got set aside and now it is time to finish!
One line of Quilting
So I only got one line of quilting sewn before he was set aside. It still counts as the quilting is started! I hope to have this finished for next week.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

It's gonna be a Hot One Today!

This weekend is supposed to be a hot one! I am hoping to keep cool in the house. But we will be at the new house which doesn't have A/C. It will be a test to see if we can keep it cool using other tricks.  Hopefully I can sew. Or at least sort some things in the new sewing room. I really need to find the "languishing sweater" that is half knit. It is for my daughter. I have restarted it 3 times already, and now can restart it again. She dropped 40 lbs! and so it needs to be a different size (and maybe pattern!)

The beginning of the quilting lines
I made an effort to get back to my Sweet Sixteen project for April (March is half done, but I was not in that frame of mind) I decided to quilt the background before adding the raw edge appliques.
One direction completed
At this point I was undecided whether to leave it with only quilting in one direction or to cross the lines.
Fun cross lines!
After I had three lines down the middle, I decided to not cross everything, but just to put some random 3 lines crossing every few inches. I thought it was a fun, funky look.
Adding the appliques 
I got the stems done and my flower centers cut. I am going to make 60's type flower power flowers. I had to cut the binding strips to make sure I had enough of that green.

As for the Tour De Sock, the new pattern dropped yesterday. Look for the stage six finish thread. I love the pattern, random cables. I dislike the method. I don't care for the way toe-up socks fit, in the toe, at the cuff or even the heels. I love my cuff down socks. I think I will knit this round, but will have to reverse it to a cuff down pattern.  So it will not qualify for points.  So it goes. It is a good cause and I have had fun chatting and laughing with my teammates (we are in it for fun, not to win). A link to a previous post about socks.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finished, just in Time!

Too bad it wasn't the project I wanted to complete in time for the Springville Art Museum show. LOL. At least I have something to enter.  I will try to finish the Red Rock landscape for the next show.

I had been working on Swirl for a while, just a fun little piece. The photo is pre-binding.

Maple Leaves
I borrowed back a commissioned art quilt that I made for Karen last year. I feel it is my best work over the past year. I blogged about it here.  It has been a wild ride this year. Hopefully it will calm down soon and we can move on to the next stage in our lives.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

What to do When your Daughter is Visiting

My eldest daughter married a Brit and is living in England. She came for a visit and to go to her High School Reunion. She spent the first week of her trip in Salt Lake, staying with our son and his wife. They did all kinds of the museums and swim lessons with their young sons. Then a birthday party for our 3 year old granddaughter at our other daughter and son-in-law's home. Then the visiting daughter and I went up to Bear Lake and the family cabin. I finished a pair of socks for the Tour De Sock and gave them to her. Project page here.

Vicky modeling her new socks
We also did the Limber pine trail hike. At the Reflection Bench, which overlooks the lake, ashes were scattered from my Mother and Brother. It is a place to go and remember two wonderful people who lost their battle with ALS. Both too young.
My Daughter and Me
Selfie at the bench.

Mom's initials
Every time I go to the bench I use the gravel from the path to write Mom's initials. I am sure that they were trampled soon after we left, when we got back to the parking lot it was full.
Peace sign
I also put a peace sign near the reflection sign. It is only slightly off the path, but no doubt also trampled. It is not a place that one would look down, so unlikely to be spotted. I just like to think I am putting the thought of peace out in the world.
Creepy looking tree
Early on the hike we saw this tree in the distance. It looked really creepy. Neither of us were game to go and check it out.

Later in the hike we spotted all these caterpillars forming a large cocoon. I am assuming that was what was going on in the previous photograph.

Indian Paintbrush
The wildflowers were prime!  Just a few of the many inspirational photographs I took on the hike.

I believe this is a type of Primrose, but I didn't have my wildflower book with me. There were many other flowers, I didn't get good photographs of them.

My Personal Roofers
So how did you spend your vacation?  Helping Dad replace a shake roof with steel! We only got the shake stripped off the west side. Still a lot of work to do this weekend.
She worked hard!
Just a bit of the shake
My job was to be the ground support. They tossed this mess off the roof and I loaded it into a wheelbarrow and brought it over to the woodpile and stacked it.  I don't know where I am going to pile the other half of the shake.
Stacked for firewood

So the only finish was a pair of hand knit socks! But quality time with my daughter is priceless!

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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Beginning

Inspiration photograph
I decided to make a landscape featuring a cliff that is near our Kanab home. I took this photograph while on our hike last weekend.  I love the red rock in the area! I am planning some sort of improvisational type piecing. I think. We will see what happens. Sometimes these ideas take on a different path.
Fabric Palette
I pulled batiks in browns, oranges, corals, sages, and olive greens. I also grabbed a couple of pieces of my hand dyed blues.
Thread selection
I filled a container with possible quilting threads. I always like to have a lot of thread possibilities, I most likely will use only a few of these. And the red is in there for a bowl, not this project.
Almost quilted!
I was able to get some more bubbles quilted in my little spiral quilt. I hope to finish that this afternoon and get a binding on it.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Sew into the Summer

What I was sewing
How it looked on the ironing board

Maybe this way?!
A few weeks ago I blogged about getting back to this unnamed project. This week I was finally able to sew for a couple of hours. Yeah, my piecing curved. I had to think on that one before finishing the strip piecing. Do I want to go back and sew it straight? Or do I want to go with the curve? I went with the curve! I think it gives it a cool look. Now my issue is which way is up? Is it a landscape?  I had originally intended to try a cutting holes in the top technique that I saw on a blog a couple of months ago. Now I am thinking this is not the piece to try out that technique.  So while I am pondering that issue, I pulled out another UFO and did some FMQ.
I didn't get too much done, Sweetie came home and then talked to me and I was out of the groove. I have some time today, hope to finish the bubbles.

Demo bowl
Wednesday was the Wales quilt guild. I taught clothes line bowls. I love making bowls! This is a fun group. On sew days we have a potluck lunch. And then the regular meeting. Each meeting one of our members does a trunk show. This month was Cheryl's turn. Loved seeing all her projects.
EZ Crazy
And bonus! She showed two quilts from classes that she took from me! It is always a thrill to see a class project out in the wild!  I am renaming the red quilt class "Charlotte" in honor of one of my dearest friends here in Sanpete County.

Yarn Chicken
On Ravelry I am participating in a sock knitting competition titled "Tour De Sock". It is a fundraiser for Drs without Borders.  We are on the second stage of the race, and I am on my first sock.  I had two small skeins of yarn for this pair. I am close to completing the toe, hope the yarn holds out!

The birds got my cherry
I recently had shown a photograph of the only cherry on our small tree. I had hope to eat that guy. We were out of town over the weekend and the birds got my cherry!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Inspiration at Rat Fink Reunion

Every year the small town south of us, Manti, holds the "Rat Fink Reunion". It is in honor of the late Ed Roth who is famous for his drawings of the Rat Fink. He was also famous for inventing pin striping and printing on T-shirts. Included in the festivities is a car show. We went last weekend, it was fun! This show has a good variety of cars. Stock, restored,chopped, art, in progress and everything in between! I love the emblems on vintage cars! So inspirational! One of these days I need to make a fiber art piece inspired by one of my car show photographs.
Loved this emblem 
One of the issues with taking photographs of cars at a car show is that they are polished within an inch of their lives and it is tricky to try and get a photo without it being a selfie! You can see my squished face in the chrome at the top.
A crown and a rat
Love the metal work on this art car! No doubt this guy is not finished yet!
An Art Beetle
Sometimes they paint it to look like rust! 
Rat Fink
You see a lot of tributes to the Rat Fink on the cars.
Lovely pin striping!
And once again I am in the photograph!
Old fire truck!
It was hard to get all the elements of this in one photograph. There is a ladder with another firefighter skeleton up against the tree rescuing a cat skeleton. There is a dog skeleton on the front of the truck.

In other excitement this week I received a package in the mail.......
Oh, of course it is packed upside down!
Inspired by the National Parks!
My copy of  "Inspired by the National Parks" by Donna Marcinkowski DeSoto! It is a beautiful book with wonderfully written stories from National park rangers. I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Capitol Reef
A couple of weeks ago I was able to reveal my quilt "Fruita View" that I submitted for this book. I love the way it looks in the book!

Brooks River
My good pal, Lisa Chin, did Katmai park. I love the way she used free form piecing to depict the sky, trees and water.

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