Monday, July 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have 2 projects on my agenda this week. I had all kinds of weird shapes leftover from my boat project. I just couldn't resist putting them together! I still have a few sections that I am not sure about, so they are auditioning on the wall for a bit.
Leftovers from the Boat
Also up is a wall hanging for my nephew. When I made a t-shirt quilt for him last year he had included with his t-shirts a Boy Scout uniform shirt. I was unable to make it work in the t-shirt quilt, so I had set it aside to make a wall hanging for him. I removed all the badges and patches. I have carefully removed the back of the shirt, I am going to use that as the background.  Not sure exactly how this piece will go together, will have to work on it later today after sew day.

Scout uniform
This is my Design Wall Monday post.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Springvile Quilt Show

Last Friday we stopped at the Springville Art Museum on our way to the lake. I had entered 2 quilts in the show and was not able to attend the opening. I did not win a ribbon, but two of my friends did win ribbons!
Florence's Egypt quilt!
I have known Florence for a lot of years! She is a wonderful friend and mentor! We are teaching together in September.

Nan's Quilt
I have only known Nan for a couple years now. She is in my former Salt Lake Quilt group. She does fabulous applique! I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Anne's Agave Landscape
 Anne and I have know each other for a long time, way before either of us got into quilting. We met at the pool where our daughters were swimming on the same team.
Canyon Breezes by Anne
This is the piece that Anne made from our challenge fabrics! I love it! I wrote about the challenge in this recent post

Green Valleys By Lisa Chin
Odin my challenge piece
Here is my challenge piece. I had this idea of a boat. I am really not happy with the burlap border and that will come off when the show is over. I named the piece "Odin" because that is the name my Dad always used to name all his sailboats.

Accidental Star by Lisa

I met Lisa  when I was still in California. She was the newsletter editor for my Salt Lake group at the time and emailed me the newsletters. I had emailed her to tell her she was doing a great job and we started up an email conversation. It was a couple of years before I actually met her in person. She has become one of my dearest friends! She started the Star quilt at a retreat we both taught at in March. I knew she had altered it from the original configuration and I loved seeing it in person!

Rainbow Utah

Me with my quilt
I was pleased that this piece was accepted into the show. We were going through the show quickly and almost couldn't find it in the museum. I did not go into that hallway at first.  Please note, all the quilts have this top flop over thing going on (except for those small quilts on rods) because of the way they hang the quilts in this show. You have to put on a strip on the back that has a loose edge and they thumbtack the loose edge to the wall.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't Look Anne!

Do you ever get stuck in the design phase? I am stuck right now. Big time. My friend, Anne and I are doing another challenge. We did one 2 years ago, check out the results here. I really enjoyed it and it was a good stretch for my artistic side. So we decided to do it again. Anne got to set the rules this time.  We swapped two fat quarters, one had to be hand dyed by us, the other could be dyed, but also needed some sort of surface design on it. I was able to do my dyeing late last year, scroll down on this post to see the fabric I sent to her. It also shows the 2 pieces that she sent me. They have been auditioning on my wall ever since. Our original due date was September, Anne moved it up to July so that we could enter them in the Springville art museum's annual show.

Progress? or is it?

I had an idea right away, but could not work on this piece for a while. I still like my idea, but the last couple of weeks I have had trouble getting my idea to work. Yesterday I actually cut fabric. That is when I found out the stamped FQ was 18"x16". So I need to revise my border idea. Today I need to work the shop, so maybe tomorrow will bring actual work on the project.

Some of the fabrics that have been auditioning for the challenge piece.  

This is my Off the Wall post for this week.

Friday, June 20, 2014

At the Lake

I am spending the week at the family cabin at Bear Lake.  Some friends were up for a couple of days and unfortunately it rained most of the time while they were here. Now the weather is beautiful!  I have been photographing some of the wonderful flowers in bloom around the area.  Hoping to find a couple that may turn into an art quilt piece. 

My buddies for the week, left is Eddy and on the right is Peaty.  They love coming up to the lake!

The water level is down quite a bit.  I was standing at the high water mark when I took this photograph.  The lake is very shallow at our side of the lake, so when the water goes down, it really goes down.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sourdough Starter

Going away to college quilt

Starter box

My nephew graduated high school last week and will be headed off to college in a couple of months. I like to make a "going off to college" quilt for the nieces and nephews to take with them.  This is the last one to go. One of my favorite boy/young man color schemes is plaids.  I have made several Sourdough quilts and always have some leftover parts (starter) that I feed the box, make the quilt and have leftover parts and so on.  It is a very basic, easy to customize design.  9 inch squares mixed with a variety of 9 inch nine-patches and four-patches.  You can lay out the blocks in any way you like. If you are in a hurry, you can use more 9 inch squares to cut down on the sewing time.  I have to still make my four-patches, but I have my big squares and nine-patches laid out in a diagonal setting. I think I will use it this time. Disregard the hourglass quilt peeking through the "design wall bed". I have a quilt on the real design wall that I cannot show publicly yet.

Check out what everyone else is up to this week at Judy's blog.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Really off the Wall

I am still so excited to announce that I have a quilt in the upcoming "Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge" book! It is available for pre-release orders at Amazon. Which means I really should preorder my copy!

This week has been busy and I have gotten a lot done on an art quilt, but I am not ready to show it publicly so for this week's Off the Wall I am posting photographs of the weeds, er, um wildflowers from my "nature-scaped" backyard.

Sego Lily

My herb garden is doing ok, still needs some weeding and trimming. I love my chives!

I cut all the blossoms to make chive blossom vinegar. Even after only a couple of hours the color is leaching from the flowers! I made some last year, it is great for making vinaigrette. Has a nice oniony taste and a lovely color. Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Design Wall Memorial Monday

I finally got a quilt finished! Last year Brenda of Pieplate Patterns was the president of our Quilt Keepers group in Wales, Utah. She gave us a block of the month and I joined in. I really enjoyed piecing the blocks every month.  I did get the top finished earlier this year and got the piece quilted earlier this month. Now it is bound and hanging in my entry.

I have had these blocks floating around the studio since March. I decided to redo one block because it had some raw edges that would not be hidden under the seams of the sashing (and it wasn't crooked enough). I do plan on another version of this quilt as you go technique and I have that not crooked guy and a partial in these blues and greens. I may go with the blues and greens again, and I may just go some other direction, who knows? I have my sashing auditioning on the wall. I may have to go back to the scrap bag to find a few more strips. I am pretty sure that I want to use that dark green for the binding.
Another thing that has been hanging around on the design wall is a challenge that I am doing with a friend. She provided the shell stamped fabric and also the hand dyed orange/goldish piece. I have an idea and have several other hand dyes auditioning on the design wall. Hopefully if I get the sashing finished on the blue/green guy I can get going on this one.

And I have some exciting news!  In the upcoming release of "Inspired by the Beatles an Art Quilt Challenge" I have a quilt that will be in the book!  We just got notice of the cover and are allowed to start talking about the book! My quilt is "Twist and Shout".  I can't share a photograph of it yet, but I will as soon as they say to go for it! I am told that the book is available to pre-order at Amazon.

This is my Design Wall Monday post!