Friday, August 14, 2015

Now I can show!

I have delivered one of my finished quilts to its new owner, so I can now show it off to you! My friend Karen commissioned me to make her an art quilt for her living room. She wanted it to feel like the color of cranberry. First off I had to go shopping. While in California earlier this year I was able to find some wonderful batiks in cranberry. I then had the idea to have my friend Lisa cut Maple leaves for me using her silhouette machine. You can read about how that worked on this post . Since I had moved on to another project, this hibernated for a while. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going with my Maple leaf idea.

Auditioning fabrics
So for the background I was going to sew some half and half blocks, with curves. Note the 4 blocks in the upper right hand corner.  Yeah, that wasn't doing it for me.  So I decided if I had leaves, I would need a tree trunk. I put up chunks of fabric for the tree trunk and the background.

Background is all pieced!
Several of the fabrics did not make it into the quilt. I also thought I would need some branches. Some are sewn in, others are on top.

I machine quilted the background. Mostly with the walking foot, some with free motion quilting.

The quilting on the back.

Close up of the quilting

I then placed the leaves all over the quilt. I left it on the wall for a couple of days to cure. I did move some of the leaves a little bit. Then fused them down and free motion quilted veins in all of the leaves. With so many of the leaves floating off by themselves, it took an hour to tuck in all the threads. I am a tucker. I feel that it looks better that way.

I am pleased with the finished quilt. Karen loved it! That was the most important part!

This is my off the wall post for this week.

I am also linking to design wall Monday.

I am working on sorting out some stuff from my studio. I am going to be moving my studio to a smaller space and need to destash.  I have listed a bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop. More stuff will be going up in the next couple of days. Use the coupon code of BBLOG10 for 10% off a $10 or more purchase.

Craft books/magazines and patterns 
Vintage craft books/magazines and patterns
Craft supplies

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 7, 2015

What can I show?

I have completed two quilts the last couple of weeks. But the recipients haven't seen them yet, so I cannot show them here. I am working on another piece, but because it is for a show I don't want to jinx it by showing it off here.  So what can I show? How about my good friend  Lisa's trunk show that she presented at the Springville Art Museum on Wednesday?

Lisa with her entry in the quilt show.

Doing her thing!
Some of her early work

A challenge quilt

Ice Dyed and then quilted

One of her latest pieces

I also had a couple of quilts in this show. They were hung next to each other in a hallway gallery.

Bark is on the left and Odin II is on the right.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sticks and Stones

I am trying to get some things caught up in my studio. Last week I wrote about my Ocean Blue piece for the A4 challenge group.  I was late with that piece, but am on time (I think!) with this theme. Sticks and Stones.

Threads everywhere!
I decided to do a piece using the phrase "Smile stone". The full story of the Smile stone is on the A4 blog post, I won't repeat it here. I decided to use trapunto to poof out the letters. After layering with a batting and backing I went around each letter with black thread to highlight the letters.

All tucked in
I am a thread tucker. I feel that it makes a more polished finish to quilting threads.

I am not very skilled at free motion quilting, but I can do pebbles!  I was pleased to see the letters pop after quilting the background.

I did a line of stitching then rough trimmed the piece. I soaked it to remove the wash away thread I had used in the trapunto letters. I laid it out flat to dry and went off on errands. I was pleased to see how the soaking had improved the texture of the piece. At that point I came up with a wonderful idea to "bind" the piece using sticks!

Check out the A4 Challenge blog to read the full story of my smile stone. Also take a look at the wonderful challenge pieces the group has posted.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summertime blues

Up the Mountain


Sunrise two

Ocean Blue
I just completed this little quilt for the A4 challenge group.  The theme is Monochromatic.  For some reason blogger has turned this photo on its side.  The light portion is the top.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quilt Walking!

Last weekend I was down in Panguitch at the annual Quilt Walk Festival. As usual, always a good time! I taught my Wiggle Quilting class on Friday morning. There were 6 students and they all seemed to have a wonderful time!

My fantastic students!



 Here are some examples of my students work. Everyone did a great job playing with all of the various ideas that I had presented. One student said that she didn't think she could quilt her own quilts and that I "changed her life"! What wonderful praise! I floated around the rest of the day! I love it when a class goes smoothly!

Bernie in action

I then headed over to the open sew area. I was able to sit next to a friend I hadn't seen in a while and we sewed and chatted away the afternoon. 

Date your work!
I went through the quilt show with my friend Sandy. This vintage quilt was made from suiting wools. Some of the embroidery stitches were wearing away. I didn't get a full view of this one.


Close up
Another vintage quilt. This one had been made with all kinds of satiny fabrics. Tons of charm! She must have ran out of fabric, the last round has a variety of prints.

Wild flower
I had some lovely wild flowers in my "nature-scaped" backyard this year. I don't know why blogger rotates some of my photos, very annoying.

Sego Lily
This one is a Sego Lily, the Utah state flower. They only last for a week or two. But very lovely flower. I am working on a piece using this flower. One of these days I will show it off.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

Friday, June 5, 2015

What else?

On June first the registration opened for the Utah Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Festival that is being held September 15-19, 2015. Always a fun time! It is a chance for me to hook up with my Salt Lake quilting buddies. The theme this year is Quilt Camp. I designed "Tent City" just for the theme. It is a fun, easy, paper piecing project. Great for those who would like to learn how to paper-piece. I will have some tree designs for the students so that they can customize their quilt.

Tent City
Last night I baked a loaf of bread. It looks so wonderful! Usually the loaf will grow a nose or something, but this one was picture perfect, so I just had to share!

Pretty loaf!

The start of my Cording
I saw someone mention this blog post about making cord out of leftover strips of fabric. It involves twisting the fabric and then back on itself to make a double ply. Since I am trying to get into spinning, this really intrigued me, so I had to try it out. (I have a big bag of thin strips that I use for my clothesline bowls) It works!  I don't have very much done yet, but it really is simple. I can see this cord making my bowls and maybe some coasters or placements.

Close up of the twist
Speaking of spinning, I plied! It turned out well, for a first try. The last time I was at Karen's house for knitting/coffee group she spun and gave me a lesson as she was spinning. Her yarns are fabulous! Check out her yarn shop to see some of her wonderful spins! You will have to look at her sold section, since her yarns are so popular that they sell out quickly.


Right now my singles are still very thick and thin. It takes practice to even that out. But sometimes I like the look of the inconsistent thickness. It will knit up an interesting texture.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Small Town Quilt Show!

The town I live in has an annual Scandinavian Days. This area was settled by Scandinavians. It is a fun, small town celebration. Our little quilt guild puts on a quilt show in conjunction with the festival. I helped to hang the show yesterday. We have close to 50 quilts in the show! (which is about the max the space can accommodate)

Jessica with her Scandinavian quilt
Jessica Ranaelee brought in this wonderful Scandinavian themed quilt that she designed! It is wonderful to young people taking up this wonderful art! This is only the third quilt that she has made! She won the Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild's scholarship a couple of years ago. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Cross stitched quilt
We have a lot of wonderful antique quilts this year. The motifs in this quilt were cross stitched.

Setting up the numbers and labels
The Christmas quilt in the foreground is the first quilt that Kate has made in a beginning quilting class taught by Brenda Bailey. It is wonderfully done!

One of our aisles

At the info table
This is my friend, Sherre's quilt. She tested my Emerald Pools pattern for me last summer. She made it for her grandson.

Raffle Quilt
Every year the Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild makes a raffle quilt. The proceeds go towards a scholarship at Snow College here in Ephraim. I love that this wonderful group of women put their efforts into such a worthwhile project.

Another aisle

Antique quilt
I believe this is a Pine Burr pattern. The workmanship on this piece is outstanding! It is hand-pieced and hand-quilted with stuffed work.

Close up

Stuffed work

Such tiny squares
This is a vintage trip around the world quilt. The squares are smaller than an inch. All hand pieced!

Fantastic vintage folk art corduroy quilt!
This  quilt is almost entirely made out of corduroy! It has been well used and loved.

It has some simple loops machine quilted across the quilt. The quilt had been used so much that the quilting stitches are worn off.

Marcia's antique quilt
My friend, Marcia, has this heirloom handed down from her mother. It is unknown exactly which ancestor made this quilt. It must have been in a trunk for a long time, the colors are still vibrant.

There is a small clump of threads that got caught behind the background. Would you try to pick it out? or is it part of the quilt's story?

My "Little Brother" quilt

Laurel's sunflower quilt
Our Utah Quilt Guild area Rep, Laurel, brought several quilts up from another group in the area. Laurels Sunflower quilt is wonderful!  I am not sure who made the embroidered quilt beside hers.

Ephraim quilt
Carol made a wonderful quilt that honors our town. There are photo transfers of  vintage photographs of buildings around town. Some still standing, others are long gone.

The show continues until tomorrow at 5pm, so if you are anywhere near Ephraim, Utah this weekend stop by and see the show!

This is my off the wall post for this week.