Friday, May 17, 2019

Catching Up

I got behind on blog posts, so I am trying to catch up. I hit the local thrift shop every now and then. Sometimes to drop off some stuff and sometimes just to look around. You never know what you are going to find. This shop is benefitting the local hospital. I happened to be there at the right time!

Thrift Shop find!
 They had about a half dozen vintage quilts come in! I  saw someone walking out after purchasing one so went over to the blanket rack. There was a yo-yo quilt, an old applique quilt, a 70's polyester quilt and then this 1930's Double Wedding Ring!  I snatched the DWR as fast as I could! It is in pretty good shape. The backing is folded over as the binding.  There are a few faded areas, probably where the sun hit it while it was on a bed. All hand pieced and hand quilted.

Close up

 I have been participating in Sock Madness on Ravelry this spring. It has been fun! I am out now, but made it to the 3rd round. Here are my socks from the competition.

13 Memories

This was the warmup pattern, 13 Memories. It was so fun to knit! I had a sock and a half finished when the qualifying pattern dropped, so went back to it between rounds.

Smock Madness
This was the qualifying pattern, Smock Madness. I loved this one! The color is bright and cheerful and the knitting was fun! Learned a new smocking stitch.

Demogorgan's Lair
The pattern for the first round was Demogorgan's Lair. Toe ups and each sock had a unique lace pattern. It was hard, but I made it through!

The pattern for the second round was Echoes. I don't do a lot of colorwork on socks, so this was a challenge.

The third round was another toe up pattern. And we had to knit a very large size. My team was filling up and I realized I did not like the way this pattern was knit and had no chance to finish in time. I only got to the end of the first foot on the first sock. So when I have a few minutes I will ravel the yarn to use in another design.

In between rounds are bonus patterns. I am working on the first bonus, Aka Woolhoney. I switched it to cuff down and am not knitting the lace on the foot. It has been fun to knit. I am about finished with the leg on the second sock.

Just a reminder, I have some wonderful destash books and patterns on my Ebay page! Trying to clear out some unused items since we moved to a smaller home and my sewing room is limited in storage space. Thanks for looking!

The winner of last week's drawing is: Bekah! I will message you to get your address.

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Friday, May 10, 2019


In March I went on a quilt retreat with my local quilt guild. They rent a large cabin just outside Zion National Park. It is a sew on your own project type event. Everyone takes turns cooking meals. It was wonderful!  I was able to get a lot done.

Folded points
I don't remember the name of this technique, but we learned it at a guild meeting and I was able to finish tacking the folds down. It will be a potholder. I liked the technique, not sure if I will use it much. I could see that it would make a nice flower.

My main project was to quilt a wedding quilt for my cousin's daughter. Last year I did a post on my collection of unquilted tops. I sent her the link and this is the one she chose.

Quilting is finished!
And I was able to finish the quilting!  I did not bring the binding fabric along so I completed that at home. And as it sometimes happens, I did not take a photograph of the completely finished quilt.

Close up of quilting

Back up project
I then pulled out my strips and clothesline to work on a bowl. This guy is going to be big! I ran out of strips and need to find some more in that color scheme. It sorta has a color scheme.

Sewing area
The sewing area was in the main room. Big windows to showcase the beautiful view!  There was snow on the ground.

I have sorted a bit more in my studio bookcase. Added a few more listings to my Ebay page.  I have sold a lot, but there is still a bunch of good stuff left. Feel free to make offers!

I decided to hold a giveaway for a book. This is a used book that has been passed around a couple of times. Has the name of two previous owners on it. It is a good book!  Mandala by Katie Pasquini, the 1983 version.

Sorry about the photographs being sideways, I will try to fix it later. To enter, just comment with your favorite spring flower.  Will draw a name on Thursday, May 16th, my son's birthday.

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