Friday, September 2, 2016


I did one last dye session last week. As we are in the midst of a  move, I had some leftover dyes that I wanted to use up before the final load. I do know that old dyes lose some of their umph, but sometimes that is a good thing. And I just didn't want to waste it, dyes are expensive.
Mop rag
I always put down a damp soda ashed piece of fabric when mixing my dyes to catch any stray powder. I reuse it several times and then use it to dump the dregs.  I am pleased with this one!
Forest green and yellow
I was surprised how the green looks more blue.I believe that the dye had degraded and the blue held on in the forest green. This was accordion folded and then I poured on the dyes in a ziplock bag.
Purple and yellow twist
If I were a few years older, I could have been a hippie! I love the look of tie dye. This piece was twisted and then tied in a knot before adding the dyes. The deep purple dye also degraded.
Blues dry folded
I used a piece of fabric that had previously been soda ashed and left to dry. I bi folded it and dumped on cobalt, navy blue, and the last of the deep purple.  I think this guy has possibilities of some surface design.
Blue and brown dry 
Another tie dyed look. I folded this piece like you do for Hawaiian applique. I then dumped the dyes on it, in a ziplock bag. Some little bits of black, terracotta and blue (cobalt, maybe?)
Brown and gold dry folded
I folded this accordion style and then accordion folded it in the second direction.  Not sure if you can see it in this photograph, but I had dripped a bit of the deep purple on it by accident. It is about the only spot in the dye session that the purple turned out purple! Terracotta and gold. Maybe it was actually deep yellow.
Another mop rag
Another mop rag.  I also use them to wipe up the table after the dye session (I have the table covered with a plastic table cloth while dyeing)
I finally finished stacked! I took this class at the Bryce Winter retreat, eh? 4 years ago?  My friend, Lisa B. taught it. It was fun!  She is teaching it again this year at the Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Fest in a couple of weeks. I wanted to have it finished so she could have another class sample.
Stacked closeup
So things are happening with our move and hopefully we will be home (200 miles away) in 3 weeks. Right before Quilt Fest! I will head North to the Fest and sweetie and the puppy dogs will head South to our home in Kanab. It has been a long, stressful move.  I will be glad to finally be settled and move on to the next adventure in our lives.

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  1. Fun way to use up every bit! We're moving too. It's zero fun. Good luck!

  2. stacked is beautiful set against the dark. I love to dye as well but end up making messes. Thanks for sharing your tips

  3. Oh your dying is stunning - I love tie die, it just makes such pretty patterns!

  4. Love all those brights in Stacked.

  5. "Stacked" is simply gorgeous, Sylvia!

    And... "Blues dry folded" is fantastic! Would you sell it (or a piece of it?)

    1. Laurel, you are set to no-reply. Yes, I am willing to sell it. Contact me at bunchberrystudio at hotmail dot com I can set up an Etsy custom listing for you.

  6. I love your stacked quilt! The colors caught my eye right away! Lovely!

  7. Such a great way to use up scraps! Love your stacked quilt. Dye is so fun -- thanks for sharing what you've done. Very cool!

  8. Great job of using up dyes! Love the Stacked quilt. It looks like you used a bunch of hand dyes in it too.

  9. What a fun day of play before moving day. Your quilt is yummy.

  10. Good luck on your move! That quilt is gorgeous. ;)

  11. All your fabric pieces are beautiful. Even though some of the dyes may be old, I wouldn't know that and I think they look great! :) Congrats on finishing Stacked, and thanks so much for sharing your projects on Main Crush Monday!

  12. The quilting on your quilt looks so nice! Good luck with your sale and move.


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