Friday, April 21, 2017

Thread Heaven

Last week I was in St. George, UT for the Dixie guild's "Gems of the Desert" quilt show. It was fabulous!  I was also teaching and had two wonderful classes of students. But I didn't get any photographs!  LOL Sometimes you are so busy teaching that it is difficult to remember to pull out the camera. I did get a few photographs at the quilt show, but I did not get the info for each quilt and per the show rules I am not allowed to post the photographs without the proper acknowledgement. I guess you will just have to believe me, it was a good show! The guild has photographs up on their site of the prize winning quilts, check it out here.

After lunch with a friend we headed over to Superior threads.  Can you say "Kid in a Candy Shop"!

Superior Threads warehouse

The rows stretch out forever!

And ever!

So many colors
I had never been there before! You can shop through the warehouse for your thread! I did ask permission to take photographs and to be able to post to my blog. They also have a fabric shop on the upper floor. I did not get photographs from that, but I did buy a couple of batiks. The one is a beautiful blue and really wanted to come home with me. I just couldn't disappoint that guy.

40 miles from home
We did a "big" city run to Page,AZ the other day. On the way home we turned off on a dirt road just to see where it went. It dead ended after a few miles with a campground and some hiking trail heads. I just love the rock formations in this part of the country!


  1. Love the inspiration from the quilt show! And the scenery and rocks so beautiful! That is so different from the Midwest.

  2. Looks brilliant - how could you stop at a few rolls of thread surrounded by all that choice!

  3. I spy King Tut! My favorite thread so far.

  4. How fun to see the Superior Threads warehouse. And, who knew they also sold fabrics. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  5. Imagine a whole warehouse of thread! I can't. But there it is. Amazing and how lucky for you to visit it. Sounds like you are a busy girl. Happy stitching with that thread!

  6. What a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  7. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I do love Superior Threads. Glad my parents live down that way so I can visit them and make a trip to Superior.


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