Monday, December 10, 2012

On my Wall this Monday

Design Wall

Project I want to focus on

More wrapped cord for a bowl

Prototype Wine Bag
For my Design Wall Monday post I pulled some more blocks out of the Sandi Cummings class bag.  It makes me wonder what happened (or didn't?) to the guy on the bottom right hand side.  It looks like he didn't get a full spa treatment during the class. I will pull out the book and reread what we did in class (it was in 2005 or so)  I really like the blocks.  I am looking forward to playing with them this week.  Check out what is on everyone else's wall at Judy's blog.

I was able to get more cording wrapped for another bowl.  One of the bowls I made last week sold.  I am also trying to get wine bottle gift bags made.  I sewed a prototype and it needs some tweaking.  I also made a pouch which I filled with a bunch of goodies for the Quilters Blog Hop Party!  Over 150 blogs are hosting giveaways!  My giveaway is in this post.

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