Friday, December 12, 2014

Really? The 12th of December?

My week started it off with some unnecessary expenses. I broke my coffee roaster. I was trying to move it, and the chamber and chaff catcher went flying to the floor and shattered. The unit is top heavy and I am usually careful about moving it and this time wasn't. Good thing is that replacement parts are available. 

English Nut Bars
I did some Holiday baking. My daughter-in-law was told by her husband (my son) that she was required to get the favorite family cookie bar recipe. So we baked them. She then went home and tried again, forgetting to separate the egg white from the yolk. They were fluffier, but still good. The recipe is here.

Pink scrap bowl

Black scrap bowl

Purple bowl
I got three bowls finished this week. I will be making a few more this weekend. I love how the scrappy ones turned out!  They are available for purchase at my Etsy shop. The purple one isn't up yet, I had trouble photographing and getting the color right. Message me if you are interested.

I am participating in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. There is still time to enter, my drawing will close tomorrow afternoon (I forgot that I am working the shop tomorrow) Check out this post.

This is my off the wall Friday post.


  1. I love your bowls - the scrappy approach works very well.

  2. Always wanted to try those rope fabric bowls just never took the time - yours are really nicely done.

  3. I have the instruction for the rope bowl just begging me to give it a try. Love the idea of doing it scrappy.


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