Friday, May 22, 2015

Small Town Quilt Show!

The town I live in has an annual Scandinavian Days. This area was settled by Scandinavians. It is a fun, small town celebration. Our little quilt guild puts on a quilt show in conjunction with the festival. I helped to hang the show yesterday. We have close to 50 quilts in the show! (which is about the max the space can accommodate)

Jessica with her Scandinavian quilt
Jessica Ranaelee brought in this wonderful Scandinavian themed quilt that she designed! It is wonderful to young people taking up this wonderful art! This is only the third quilt that she has made! She won the Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild's scholarship a couple of years ago. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Cross stitched quilt
We have a lot of wonderful antique quilts this year. The motifs in this quilt were cross stitched.

Setting up the numbers and labels
The Christmas quilt in the foreground is the first quilt that Kate has made in a beginning quilting class taught by Brenda Bailey. It is wonderfully done!

One of our aisles

At the info table
This is my friend, Sherre's quilt. She tested my Emerald Pools pattern for me last summer. She made it for her grandson.

Raffle Quilt
Every year the Horseshoe Mountain Quilt Guild makes a raffle quilt. The proceeds go towards a scholarship at Snow College here in Ephraim. I love that this wonderful group of women put their efforts into such a worthwhile project.

Another aisle

Antique quilt
I believe this is a Pine Burr pattern. The workmanship on this piece is outstanding! It is hand-pieced and hand-quilted with stuffed work.

Close up

Stuffed work

Such tiny squares
This is a vintage trip around the world quilt. The squares are smaller than an inch. All hand pieced!

Fantastic vintage folk art corduroy quilt!
This  quilt is almost entirely made out of corduroy! It has been well used and loved.

It has some simple loops machine quilted across the quilt. The quilt had been used so much that the quilting stitches are worn off.

Marcia's antique quilt
My friend, Marcia, has this heirloom handed down from her mother. It is unknown exactly which ancestor made this quilt. It must have been in a trunk for a long time, the colors are still vibrant.

There is a small clump of threads that got caught behind the background. Would you try to pick it out? or is it part of the quilt's story?

My "Little Brother" quilt

Laurel's sunflower quilt
Our Utah Quilt Guild area Rep, Laurel, brought several quilts up from another group in the area. Laurels Sunflower quilt is wonderful!  I am not sure who made the embroidered quilt beside hers.

Ephraim quilt
Carol made a wonderful quilt that honors our town. There are photo transfers of  vintage photographs of buildings around town. Some still standing, others are long gone.

The show continues until tomorrow at 5pm, so if you are anywhere near Ephraim, Utah this weekend stop by and see the show!

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. Sylvia! How ya doin? LeeAnna

  2. Love all these beautiful quilts. Jessica is well on her way to being a master quilter! I love the raffle quilt! How much are the raffle tickets?

  3. I looked at the pictures before reading, and I was able to pick out your "Little Brother" quilt! I must know you pretty well or something:)


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