Friday, July 22, 2016

It's gonna be a Hot One Today!

This weekend is supposed to be a hot one! I am hoping to keep cool in the house. But we will be at the new house which doesn't have A/C. It will be a test to see if we can keep it cool using other tricks.  Hopefully I can sew. Or at least sort some things in the new sewing room. I really need to find the "languishing sweater" that is half knit. It is for my daughter. I have restarted it 3 times already, and now can restart it again. She dropped 40 lbs! and so it needs to be a different size (and maybe pattern!)

The beginning of the quilting lines
I made an effort to get back to my Sweet Sixteen project for April (March is half done, but I was not in that frame of mind) I decided to quilt the background before adding the raw edge appliques.
One direction completed
At this point I was undecided whether to leave it with only quilting in one direction or to cross the lines.
Fun cross lines!
After I had three lines down the middle, I decided to not cross everything, but just to put some random 3 lines crossing every few inches. I thought it was a fun, funky look.
Adding the appliques 
I got the stems done and my flower centers cut. I am going to make 60's type flower power flowers. I had to cut the binding strips to make sure I had enough of that green.

As for the Tour De Sock, the new pattern dropped yesterday. Look for the stage six finish thread. I love the pattern, random cables. I dislike the method. I don't care for the way toe-up socks fit, in the toe, at the cuff or even the heels. I love my cuff down socks. I think I will knit this round, but will have to reverse it to a cuff down pattern.  So it will not qualify for points.  So it goes. It is a good cause and I have had fun chatting and laughing with my teammates (we are in it for fun, not to win). A link to a previous post about socks.

I am linking to Nina-Marie, Fort Worth, Emily, Judy and Amanda Jean.


  1. Love your quilting, no idea what all that sock talk means but it sounds pretty complicated :)

  2. Those random three lines of quilting do a superb job of adding movement and interest to the piece.

  3. Oh, my goodness, I'm glad I popped in! This is really 'cool'! I'll be back to see more progress, to be sure!

  4. Very interesting and thought provoking!

  5. I sometimes quilt before applique as well. Much easier than outlining the applique. As to socks, I started toe-up when I wasn't sure I had enough yarn, the appeal being could quit when ran out. However, I found it much harder to create fit, just as you did.

  6. I'm with Celtic Thistle. You lost me at 'I knitted..', but I positively love the difference you made when you added the crossed quilting. I was also thinking to myself that when I quilt with a walking foot, I have the tendency to pull my quilt a bit off kilter even when alternating the direction I'm stitching. I imagine the cross quilting would add a bit of stability to that problem, and wonder if you experienced this?

  7. Love the effect of the quilting. Good luck staying cool

  8. Love the effect of the quilting. Good luck staying cool


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