Friday, September 9, 2016

Last week in Town

We are counting down to the big move! Well, we actually have most of our stuff moved. Just a few things are left, computer desk, bed, an old table (borrowed a couple of folding chairs from a neighbor) and an ironing board.  A few pans and dishes, and clothes in a suitcase.  We hope to sign papers on Friday and then head out of here. Things I will miss:
Wonderful neighbors!
Beautiful mountains!
Only one traffic light in town (new town has 2)
My wonderful quilt guild in Wales!
My Fabulous knitting group in Manti!
Too many things to list.
View from the back porch
We have gorgeous view from the back porch.  It looks out over the valley to the Southwest, so the sunsets are so awesome! We have wonderful views at our new home in Kanab.  Lots of red rock, cactus and pine. Our view of choice there is to the East, so we can watch the sunrise.  I will post photographs from there in a few weeks.

In other news, I had previously mentioned how the mayor in the town where my family's cabin is had stolen our subdivision's gates and declared that our shared driveways were open to the public. Our HOA sued and we won!  It has been a long 3 years of not being able to feel that the properties were secure in the off season. Here is an article about the judge's ruling.

My Quilt was featured in a blog post!  How fun is that? It was nice to know that someone really liked my piece, "Maple Leaves". I have better photographs on this post.

I finished quilting my Emerald Pools.  I have the binding on, just need to get it tacked down.
Emerald Pools

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  1. Your quilt looks like nature at my house now...still a lot of green, but some things are turning brown. I live on a small lake, so the blues fit in nicely, too. Your design and fabric choices are beautiful.

  2. I started to read your post and then quickly realised you weren't talking about Wales in the UK! I love your emerald pools quilt, I spotted it on Beth's main crush post

  3. Congrats on your move and for your quilt feature! Emerald Pools is so pretty, the colors are so calming. I would love to see that quilt on my bed every day! Thanks so much for sharing on MCM!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful! Good luck with your move. Thanks for linking to Finished or Not Friday.

  5. This is a gorgeous quilt. Good luck with the move.


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