Saturday, April 28, 2012

CUAC exhibit opening night!

 It was hard work trying to get the chalkboard into the cabin.
 At this point, I really didn't think they could do it.
 They ended up taking off one of the legs and then reattaching it.
 My side before I started.
 A long afternoon of drawing on the board.
 With Huginn Arason the artist who arranged this project.
 The graffiti artist's side unfinished.
 And then finished.
A view where you can see both sides at once.

An artist from Iceland, Huginn Arason, was invited to exhibit at the Central Utah Art Center
His idea was to combine graffiti artists with quiltmakers.  An elaborate chalkboard was constructed. The graffiti artist was to draw a word that begins with re on one side and also have a quilter draw block designs on the other side.  It will be an ongoing display, drawings erased and then redraw by other artists.  I volunteered to do the first quilt design for opening night.  What an experience!  I had never really drawn much on a chalkboard before.  I choose not to use a ruler, rather draw the quilt patterns freehand.  I really haven't had a drawing type class since probably Jr. High.  The project was well received at the opening reception last night!  I was pleased to be a part of the project.


  1. What a super idea! Hope you are able to post more on the changing exhibition. It looks like a wonderful old building.

  2. What an intiguing idea for an exhibit!


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