Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sew Day!

Sherre had this quilt out for auditioning borders.  She had learned of the pattern while at Quartszite this winter.  It is a freebie at  3 dudes quilting.
 Sherre sewed the binding on her Ashley's Journey quilt.  It is from a Pie Plate Patterns book.  I think it is in the first Piece of Pie.
 Marcia trimmed her owl and tree blocks.  It is a kit from Connecting Threads.  She did a great job on the buttonhole stitch by machine!
 I sewed down the binding on a broken dishes wall hanging.  I also got the label and sleeve sewn.
Marcia also had her apple quilt top out.  I think she had planned to piece the backing.

Marcia was also working on her blocks for the block of the month club.

Sherre worked on her Twister quilt top after she had finished the binding.

Marcia made a veggie soup in her fancy pants blender.  Along with her favorite lemon slushy and a
3-2-1 cake for each of us.

Back when I was still living in Sacramento, some friends liked to get together for a Sew Day every week.  When I moved back to Utah, I really missed Sew Days.  A couple of my new friends and I started to do Sew Days. They kind of tapered off and eventually we weren't doing them at all.  About a month ago, while we were at Curves and we talked about missing Sew Days and how we should do it again.  So we did!  We are rotating houses, so this was to be my week.  Unfortunately my Peaty and Eddy had gone on a hike with their Dad on Saturday and got skunked!  So my house is still a bit on the smelly side.  So Marcia was kind enough to volunteer her house for this week.  A good time was had by all!


  1. I LOVE Marcia's red and black quilt! the stripes really add to the pattern! It looks like Marcia has been very busy. I want the recipe for her lemon slushy. Isn't it great to get projects done!

  2. I like the red, black and white quilt. Whick pattern is it at 3 Dudes?

  3. The one called "Let's strip it" at the top of the freebie page.


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