Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilting in Wales

Tada!  The T-shirt quilt!
Just need to tack down the binding

Lisa's Red and White quilt.

Charlotte's interlocking rings quilt.
I belong to a fun little group in the small town of Wales.  It is about 15 miles northwest of here.  Very small town, not a single store, cafe or post office.  Nice group of ladies.  I meant to take more photos, but it is what it is.  I did get the quilting finished on my T-shirt quilt.  I am hoping to get the binding tacked down tonight, I want to wash it tomorrow and then give it to my nephew on Saturday.  So I am off to make a pillowcase to go with the quilt.

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  1. Yay! You did it! Nice job! I'm sure he will love it.


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