Monday, July 30, 2012


View of the building from across the street. 

Sculpture in the garden. 

C.C.A. Christensen's cabin. You can see the chalkboard
 through the window.

Another view of the cabin.

More from the sculpture garden.

I love the quilt block on the old building!

Our town has a wonderful art center, CUAC.  Unfortunately, our town leaders have decided to pull funding and evict the art center from a city owned building.  I am appalled!  This art center is nationally know for contemporary art and brings a lot of visitors to town.  A petition has been set up and I would encourage you to read it and hopefully sign it as well.  You can read the city council meeting minutes online at the Ephraim city website.  

I had a wonderful experience participating in an art project by a renowned Icelandic artist, Huginn Arason.  I have previously blogged about it here.  I hope that this art center can be saved!

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  1. I hope they get enough out cry to think twice about letting the CUAC go!


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