Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Auction Blocks

The fabric from the kit.

Lines on the back.

I don't normally pin, but the instructions said to, so I did.

Chain piecing.

Trim the corners.

Press open.

I figured these little guys didn't need 2 pins.

Sew, then......

Trim and press.

Now the other side.


All those wonderful leftover triangles!

Press open and Ta Da!  Finished!

I just had to play with the blocks.

Eh, kinda different.

Packed and ready to turn in.

I am on the board of the Utah Quilt Guild. I attended a board meeting on Monday.  One of the board members is "mothering" a group quilt for the Hospital Auction which raises funds for research and education.  It is held every 2 years and the board members of the guild always make and donate a quilt.  Well, I wasn't really paying that much attention when Becky was talking about the block kits.  I figured they would be gone by the time the kits made it over to my side of the room.  Ok, really it was Louise's fault, she is just too good at mumbling under her breath that I end up listening to her comic take on everything instead of what I should be listening to.  So the blocks make it over to our table (and the meeting is continuing on, so I am trying to pay attention) and Louise takes one kit and tells me I should take the last one.  I hem and haw and Becky is just in front of us and says they are very simple, take one.  So I did. Eek! 8 blocks to make! But they are simple, so I guess it can't hurt me.  Becky had gotten permission from Karen Combs to use a pattern from her Celtic Pieced Illusions book.  Now remember, I wasn't paying attention, so I didn't see when Becky showed the quilt in the book.  And I don't own the book.  All I got was the instructions to make a specific block 8 times.  And on the drawing I received, there was a line that shouldn't be there. And Becky had an arrow pointing to the line with the word cream squares.  All I had in my packet were yellow squares.  So I emailed Becky and she emailed back that the yellow was really cream and that the line should have been whited out.  Cool.  I get it now! So I made my 8 identical blocks.  I have no idea what the quilt is going to look like since everyone's blocks are different.  It will be a nice surprise when Becky gets the top together.  So my lesson for the day, resist the urge to listen to Louise mumbling under her breath and pay attention to the front of the room. (even if it isn't as much fun)

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  1. You were the naughty child at the back of the room egging on the other naughty children weren't you?!? Nice blocks. Should be interesting to see what the quilt looks like.


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