Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lecture at the Springville Art Museum

A Teacher's Dozen

Anne beside her prizewinning quilt.

Zinnias in the museum's garden.

I drove up to Springville to hear a lecture by my friend, Anne. The lecture was in conjunction with the annual quilt show at the Springville Art Museum.  It was nice to see her and her talk went very well.  I had given her one of my quilts, A Teacher's Dozen, and she showed it in her trunk show.  Back in the day, I tried to get her to add quilting to some of her wonderful batiks.  She resisted.  Until she saw the quilt I had made for my daughter who had just earned a teaching degree.  The apple quilt is done using my Dice and Splice method.  I had made a replica of my daughter's quilt and finally decided that it belonged to Anne.  I am hoping to get the pattern for  A Teacher's Dozen revised and put up on my Craftsy shop in the next week or so.

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  1. You have inspired many people through the years (including me)! Keep up the good work and keep sharing your enthusiasm for quilting and knitting.


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