Friday, January 25, 2013


Close up of the front

Close up of the back

Ta Da!

Earlier this week I posted about making a quilt for my Dad.  I finished it this am!  It is now in the washer, my Dad is allergic to dogs and I wanted to make sure to get any stray dog hair out.  And I also feel that machine quilted quilts look better after a trip in the washer.  Something happens, it is "Magic"!  I will try to add a photograph to this post after the quilt drys.

This is my Off the Wall post and also my THIFF.


  1. Oh, I love the wavy quilting! I don't have a fmq foot, yet, or do you use a regular walking foot? Do you just go as you sew or do you use water-soluble pens?

  2. Pretty plaids and I love how you quilted it!

  3. plaid is one of my favorite things ever, so naturally I love your quilt :) I don't consider my quilts finished until they have been through the washer & dryer and crinkled up. I gave a quilt to my Mom, but because I was finishing the binding on the way to her houe to gift it, I didn't get to wash it. It is driving me nuts that she hasn't washed & crinkled it yet :)

  4. Love the plaid fabric you used! Beautiful!

  5. I wash all mine right away, too. :) This is fun! Perfect quitling for it.

  6. Love how you quilted it ! and I have to wash my quilts, too ... bu it's because of cat's hair ;-))


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