Friday, February 8, 2013

20 a day

So I missed sewing on Monday.  I was driving down to Ruby's Inn near Bryce National Park for a quilt retreat.  I did knit for at least 20 minutes (probably an hour or more) so I am going to count that.  And since I have been at the retreat I have sewn quite a bit every day.  I finished the binding on the t-shirt quilt last night!


The best design wall ever!  You layout the blocks by the pool area
and then go to the 3rd floor to preview.

Pool area.

Pool area, another view.

My good friend Anne's daughter Aliria is going on a medical volunteer mission in May.  If you are interested
in helping fund her way, please donate and you could win a wonderful art quilt donated by Anne.

This is my off the wall post for this week.  Also my THIFF!


  1. So nice to be able to dedicate all your time to sewing and visiting! Congrats on getting the tshirt quilt done. Wahoo!

  2. You're right! Your design wall is the best. Such a nice feeling when a project is finished!

  3. I like your t-shirt quilt, and I agree that is the best design wall ever! I'm struggling to put my bed quilt anywhere that is big enough to see were to go next...only place I found was the bed itself;)

  4. That's really a cool design wall - and I would love to go to a retreat with a ppol in sight ;-))

  5. You are right - best design wall ever! Glad to see you are getting so much done!

  6. Love, love that "design wall" view! What a fantastic place! Retreats, espically with wine! are great times to bang out lots of quality quilty time!
    Hope you had fun!


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