Friday, February 22, 2013

Off the wall

Tada!  Ooops!
The corners should all look like this . . .

. . .  and not like this!
I finished the quilt top from the class that I took at the retreat.  Actually finished it twice, once I thought I was finished and then realized, despite my careful pinning procedure, I had sewn on one of the borders upside down.  It is fixed now.

Last week on Off the Wall there were so many wonderful ideas presented by the participants.  One that I decided to try was blogged by Linda.  She showed how she made some Valentine postcards with fabric that she had drawn on with sharpies and then brushed with rubbing alcohol.  I had to try it out.

My sample piece of fabric, sharpies and brush.

Just some simple shapes and swirls.

It worked!
I just used the wrong side of some junk fabric lurking in my studio.  One thing that would have worked better is to use a much larger brush.  It took quite a bit of time to go over all the lines with the tiny brush.  I think that with a larger brush you could go over the entire piece of fabric quicker.  I have the last round of a surface design round robin to do and I was thinking of using this idea.  

This is my Off the Wall and THIFF post for this week!


  1. The brick quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Another border and it will fit my bed. ;)

    I love the faux sharpie dyeing. I usually just dump the alcohol on so that I get a more randomness to the way the lines bleed. I rubber band the fabric to the top of a cup so that whatever drips down can be used again. Have you looked at the fabric yet? I'm not sure if this will show up with all the black I put on it. Sorry.

  2. Lovely quilt. And the fabric dying sounds interesting. I will have to file it away for a future project.

  3. Oh, how easy to get things upside down or backwards. I just always remind myself 'nobody's perfect except God' and so I need a 'mistake' in every quilt (old Amish proverb, I believe). Beautiful quilt.

  4. Oh yes - sewing something in the wrong way ... glad you saw it before you started quilting ! Lovely quilt !

  5. Your quilt is really lovely, I like your colors!


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