Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Random Photographs

My week has been rather scattered.  No studio time. I have been working on setting up my basement dyeing workspace, hope to dye this weekend. I hope to have pics for next week.  So my only inspiration has been provided by Mother Nature.  We are on the East bench of this valley.  My patio faces South and we look out over the Southwest part of the valley. We have wonderful views of sunsets this time of year!  And this last week has had quite the cloud show, during the day and also at sunset!  

I am wondering about trying to use Spoonflower to print a sunset on fabric, has anyone tried this process to print a photograph?  Actually, maybe I want to mess with some of the textures in the clouds to design some sort of repeat that would make a nice print for fabric.

This is my Off the Wall post for the week. Check out Nina-Marie's blog for more inspiration!


  1. oh my word the pictures are awesome. What a view!! The colors are so saturated. Will you try and capture the colors in something you make??
    LeeAnna Paylor

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  3. my ops!
    your photos inspire art. I can not get enough sunsets I adnire the dally I possible and paint them often upon fabric.

  4. Love the sunsets and I'm jealous that you get to see them from your studio!


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