Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Adventure in Dyeing- First Dye!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about starting my foray into fabric dyeing, this week continues the adventure! I spent some quality time with the unfinished basement. I was able to get a corner cleared out to set up a work station.
Old dining table
I have had this old table for over 30 years.  It has been stripped, but never refinished.  I put a vinyl tablecloth over it to protect it from the dyes.  I am also using another piece of plastic over that, just to be safe.
Fancy pants beer box shelves
I was able to tuck these boxes under the side of the table to store some of the supplies. I am trying to go cheaply, so the beer boxes are free and if any get damaged, I can get a replacement easily.
Baker's rack and computer desk
More space for storing supplies.  I figure that I can use the keyboard tray to hold the laptop if I need it while playing with the dyes and paints.  Yes, those are my LP's.  I don't have a turn table right now, but just can't quite get rid of my collection.  Too many memories.
Ready to mix!
All my stuff is lined up and ready to go!  

Soaking fabric in Soda Ash
I cut 4 fat quarters of my PFD bolt.  I also cut 3 yard cuts of some muslin to use for mopping up excess dyes.

I was trying for a Southwest look, so I mixed up orange, chocolate brown and terra cotta.
Plastic bag dyeing
I let the dyes set overnight.  I know that after an hour or two, they stop "cooking", but it worked out better time wise for me to rinse them out the next day.

Mop up "rag"
I was surprised how much dye was all over the plastic drop cloth.  I am looking forward to seeing what fun colors emerge the more this rag gets used!

Soaking out the excess dyes
I let it soak for quite a while and then rinsed them well.

All done!

Painted dye with a brush

Another brushed piece

Crumbled into the plastic bag

Accordion folded in the bag
I am pleased with the way the 4 fat quarters turned out!  Next up is turquoise blue!  I want to dye it just the blue and white and then do some paint stick rubbings over it with a copper color.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week!  Check out what everyone else is up to at Nina-Marie's blog!


  1. Found you at Nina- Marie Off the wall Friday. Love your colors--will have to try that combination. You will love dyeing fabric--it is very addicting.

  2. How exciting. These look fabulous


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