Monday, July 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have 2 projects on my agenda this week. I had all kinds of weird shapes leftover from my boat project. I just couldn't resist putting them together! I still have a few sections that I am not sure about, so they are auditioning on the wall for a bit.
Leftovers from the Boat
Also up is a wall hanging for my nephew. When I made a t-shirt quilt for him last year he had included with his t-shirts a Boy Scout uniform shirt. I was unable to make it work in the t-shirt quilt, so I had set it aside to make a wall hanging for him. I removed all the badges and patches. I have carefully removed the back of the shirt, I am going to use that as the background.  Not sure exactly how this piece will go together, will have to work on it later today after sew day.

Scout uniform
This is my Design Wall Monday post.

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