Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of July, where did the summer go?

Sherre's version 

Marcia's version
I asked a couple of friends to help me test a pattern for my Quilt Fest class. They each chose a different color scheme and also a different size of blocks. Then we spent a couple of days working together to get the quilt tops sewn together. It was fun! And I was able to see my design in a couple of different variations and it worked! We decided that from now on our sew days would be spent working on each other's projects and taking turns providing a project.

My sample fabrics
I had also cut out a set of fabrics, I had intended to sew on them but decided to save them for demo purposes in the class.

And while I was cutting I found this wonderful fabric in my stash! I joined a challenge group and the first theme is "off to the races". It just so happened that weekend my daughter was swimming her first open water race across a lake! (she kicked butt, big time!) This fabric is the perfect color of the lake! 

And then I was clearing out some stuff and found these swimmer silhouettes! Perfect timing! Which in my world rarely happens. I will try to photograph my progress, although when I am excited about a piece sometimes I get so involved I forget to pull out the camera. 

Lovely flower
As I was walking down the hill from my friend's house after sew day today I spotted this beautiful flower in a neighbor's yard.

September's Little Bro
And I finally finished the last 12" or so of binding on this guy! Score another FO!

This is my Off the Wall post for the week.


  1. so funny, score!! That is a good finish girl

  2. Love your finish! Also love the idea of the swimming quilt - will watch with interest to see how it comes along.


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