Thursday, February 19, 2015

Changing directions

So my Crossed Canoes idea fell through. I was having some technical issues with construction of the blocks. So I changed direction! I visualized some tents in the woods. So into EQ I went and drew up a block in two sizes.

Small block, pre-trimmed
They worked up great by paper piecing. You can do a thin tent pole easily with this technique.

The start of my Tent City
When we have the entire family up at the lake the overflow sets up in what we call "Tent City". So that is what I am naming this project.

I am a thread tucker
I have finished the quilting and am ready to bind.  I did some walking foot work and then filled in the background with free motion quilting. I am a thread tucker. I don't like the lumps that happen when you do three small stitches in place and then trim the thread. I take the time to tuck all my starts and stops. It just looks better to me.

Also check out the Quilt Keeper's blog! The reveal of the fabric challenge is posted! They had to use a specific fabric and had to have a circle somewhere on the piece. Love the variety of project ideas.

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. They surely look like tents in the woods and I admire your tying off all those ends.

  2. Glad to hear someone else takes the time to sew in the ends. Time consuming but virtually impossible to see where stops and starts are. Love the colours.

  3. HI!!!!! I love it!!!! Tent city!!!!! We camp so it looks like a lot of fun!!!!!

  4. You should bring this to Pie Plates! I look forward to seeing the whole quilt. This is a fabulous idea!


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