Friday, February 13, 2015

Fresh Start

I started a new project. I was playing with the crossed canoes design in EQ and since this year's quilt fest has a Quilt Camp theme I thought it would make a good class. 

12 inch block

6 inch block

Possibly fabric selection
I really need to get going on the sample, the forms need to be in by the first.

First new Journal piece
Three and a half years ago I started a weekly journal project. I was going along ok, skipped a few weeks here and there but always intended to make it a 52 piece collection. I quit the project after my brother died. I have always intended to get it started up again and while I was in California in January I did! I had all the parts ready to go 3 years ago for this little piece. Now it is finished!

Back and label
And labeled! I am not sure what this week's piece will be. Maybe some idea will spring forth from the crap, er, um, stuff on the cutting table.

The first piece in the journal project

Back and Label
This was the first of my journal pieces. I had been driving up the hill and with a clear blue sky there was lightening over the mountains.  I will try to share the old journals when I show my new ones.

The sky this morning! I love the way that the jet streams cross! This might be the inspiration for my next journal piece.

This is my off the wall post for this week.


  1. Love those contrail skies ... they're truly inspirational.

  2. Please can you tell me what a journal project is? But I love the journal pieces!!
    Your crossed cano blocks are amazing!!


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