Friday, May 1, 2015

Sidetracked again

I have a small knitting group that meets every couple of weeks for coffee and chatting. We have been getting together for several years now. Started off with just me and Karen. We found Joy about 2 years ago and she is a good addition to our group. We meet at Karen's house and I bring some of my fresh roasted coffee beans.  Karen and Joy both are spinners. A couple of times Joy brought her wheel and they both spun while I knitted. Although I love handspun yarn, I was NOT going to get into one more craft. Famous last words. So I hit up Karen about letting me use her wheel to spin one skein of yarn. I did some research, read some books, watched some videos. When I saw an old friend in CA in January, she was getting into spinning and suggested I should try a spindle to get the hang of it before trying Karen's wheel. Karen lent me a couple of spindles. I had bought a bit of fiber in CA at Dharma, but didn't want to use the good stuff to practice so I got some clearance stuff from Knit Picks (that is why I have pink) and tried it out. The first time was a disaster, the spindle went all over the place, I had no control over it. So the next knitting group Karen advised me and I used the other spindle. IT WORKED! Okay, I am now hooked. I bought a set of 4 spindles and gave Karen hers back.

I made yarn!

My pink practice fiber

My set up for now
So I have a couple of batts and a roll of fiber. I am still very slow and can't do a lot at a time. But hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be able to ply. Stay tuned.

Soon to be a bowl
I love making clothesline cord bowls! I had a bunch of scrappy brown strips and so decided to make a big bowl

Starting out
I found that I like my open toe embroidery foot better than my walking foot for this technique. It seems to work better.

Big Base
I had a lot of cord, so this guy is gonna be a big boy.

At the curve
I hold my left hand under the base to tip the bowl while stitching to form the curve.

Big Boy!

Little green brother
Last week I made this little green guy.  I love to use up scraps of fabric in my quilting and sewing projects.

So these two guys are now in my Etsy shop. Now that I am hooked on spinning I want a wheel. So now to save up some $$ from my shop. If you are interested in anything in my shop I have a coupon code good for 10% off anything in the shop BBLOG10. I also am downsizing my studio and have a lot of wonderful, lightly used to new books and patterns for sale. And some of my hand dyed fabrics.

This is my off the wall post for this week.

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