Friday, June 5, 2015

What else?

On June first the registration opened for the Utah Quilt Guild's Annual Quilt Festival that is being held September 15-19, 2015. Always a fun time! It is a chance for me to hook up with my Salt Lake quilting buddies. The theme this year is Quilt Camp. I designed "Tent City" just for the theme. It is a fun, easy, paper piecing project. Great for those who would like to learn how to paper-piece. I will have some tree designs for the students so that they can customize their quilt.

Tent City
Last night I baked a loaf of bread. It looks so wonderful! Usually the loaf will grow a nose or something, but this one was picture perfect, so I just had to share!

Pretty loaf!

The start of my Cording
I saw someone mention this blog post about making cord out of leftover strips of fabric. It involves twisting the fabric and then back on itself to make a double ply. Since I am trying to get into spinning, this really intrigued me, so I had to try it out. (I have a big bag of thin strips that I use for my clothesline bowls) It works!  I don't have very much done yet, but it really is simple. I can see this cord making my bowls and maybe some coasters or placements.

Close up of the twist
Speaking of spinning, I plied! It turned out well, for a first try. The last time I was at Karen's house for knitting/coffee group she spun and gave me a lesson as she was spinning. Her yarns are fabulous! Check out her yarn shop to see some of her wonderful spins! You will have to look at her sold section, since her yarns are so popular that they sell out quickly.


Right now my singles are still very thick and thin. It takes practice to even that out. But sometimes I like the look of the inconsistent thickness. It will knit up an interesting texture.

This is my Off the Wall post for this week. 

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  1. That loaf of bread looks divine!!! I hope it tastes just as good as it looks. What a clever idea to twist the fabrics like that. I can't wait to see what you create with it. Your yarn is very pretty. Keep spinning!


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