Friday, September 11, 2015

Not what I expected of today

Today hasn't quite worked out as I expected. I offered to come in and work the shop, the owners have had a family emergency. The store is in the process of closing.  Sad for the quilting community in this rural area. But that is how things work out sometimes. I was going to do a post earlier today, but with the sale going on, it was busy today. They let me use the wifi here, I have a useless data plan at home and I am almost out for the month, so cannot upload files or photos.

Pink Twin Quilt
I have been working on two similar quilts for my cousin's twin daughters. They graduated High School in June and I wanted to make them some cuddle quilts. Yeah, I am a bit behind.  I finished the first one yesterday, aka the Pink Twin Quilt. The second, aka the Purple Twin Quilt is ready to pin baste. They are similar, but I used a different color scheme and value placement in each. So hopefully they will feel different enough to make each girl feel special. The quilts are 60"x 72".

First Campsite

Second Campsite

Last weekend we went down to Capitol Reef National Park. Even though it is only about a hundred miles from where we live now, we haven't been there since our kids were in elementary school. I made an art quilt for a National Park challenge. I cannot show it until after the book is released. I love the red rock parks in Southern Utah! I hope to do more pieces using the parks for inspiration. 

About Time
I did get my garden in late, so it is no surprise that it took forever to finally get a couple of ripe tomatoes. I am sure that in a week or two we won't be able to keep up with the crop.

This is my Off the wall post for this week. Next week I will be at a quilt festival and hope to have a lot of inspiration.
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  1. Lovely quilt! I'm thinking that the girls will really appreciate how much thought you've put into their quilts. Enough likeness to match, enough difference to be special for each girl.
    On another note: I'm sorry about the shop closing. We live in a rural area and have to drive an hour to the nearest quilt shop. It's always sad when a business closes. It affects the community in so many ways. No doubt lots of people will feel it. Enjoy your fresh tomatoes--I wish we had some!

  2. I love the bold geometry of this quilt, very pretty.


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