Friday, October 2, 2015

Almost done!

I sorta finished a quilt! It just needs the binding tacked down on the back. And I missed on line of quilting. Didn't notice that until I was sewing the binding on. This is made all of flannel. It is for our new grandchild who is expected to arrive sometime the end of January.

Baby quilt
We had a storm roll in last night. It has been off and on all day. We can use the rain, but I can do without the wind.

Sunrise color

Afternoon clouds

Last weekend we took the ATV's up the mountain to check out the fall colors.

On the way up

Little waterfall off the side of the road
I love little bonuses like a waterfall that we had not noticed before!

A lot of the Aspen are showing signs of red this year. I heard that it happens when there has been several years of low water.

One of my favorite trees!
This is my inspiration shot! I am going to do a piece on Aspen trees and leaves. I have a friend who is going to help me with the leaves. 

This is my off the wall post and my Finished Friday post.


  1. What a fun baby quilt, I bet it's very snuggly! Lovely photos, Aspens are so beautiful!

  2. ahhh aspens. We were surrounded by them in Edmonton. It's hurricane season here, and we're battening down. LEeAnna

  3. Gorgeous quilt and lovely sky photos - I am quite partial to sunrise/sunset photos too!


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