Friday, October 16, 2015

New sewing space

I am moving my sewing studio to a smaller room.  My old space is filled to the gills, so purging is required to help with the transition. I brought my beloved featherweight with me. I also brought an ironing mat and cutting equipment. What else do you need? Yeah, a closet full of fabric. Well, that will happen, still need to sort and pack.

My temporary sewing station
I did bring along 3 in process projects so that I could sew. First up is my leader project. Long before I ever heard of Bonnie Hunter, I always kept a second project next to my machine to use as "leaders" so as not to waste thread or worry about getting the starting threads all messed up. This evolved into my little box of inch and a half squares. I cut up all my scraps into as large a square or strip that I can get out of the piece. The inch and a half squares go into a little silver box. I run two squares through the machine in between my chain piecing. Then continue on to make little nine-patches.

Silver box and in progress nine-patch
They work up quickly without even trying. I have had this going on for over 10 years now. I always intended to pair these little blocks up with 3-1/2" squares and make double nine-patches.

Double Nine-patches!
It was fun to sew in my new room! Hopefully next time I will remember to take a photograph of the gorgeous view outside my window.

This is my off the wall  and finished Friday (not that I really finished anything, rather STARTED sewing in my new room!)

My purge of the sewing room continues. Coupon code good for 10% any $10 or more purchase.OOOPS! So sorry, I forgot to post the code!  BBLOG10

Thanks for helping me pare down my supplies so that I can fit into my new sewing room!

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  1. i love the little stuff! keep on working one day you will finish it and you will be so proud.


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