Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day!

Finished Swap Blocks!

I finished the swap blocks that I was working on last week! Yay!  A real finish! I need to check with Diane, make sure she is not out of town before mailing them off to her. Nice to be able to cross something off my to do (sew) list.

Newest Sweet Sixteen
For my March Sweet Sixteen personal challenge piece I am making a fern. I was able to get my swirl cut out, and now I need to do a bit of research on fern leaves unfurling.  I ended up with an alternate swirl, so I decided to make a second piece, not for the sweet 16 project, just for fun.

So of course, instead of working the official next on the to sew list, I start quilting on the leftover piece! I am going to FMQ some swirls in the background. I got out my practice piece to try that out today. We will see how that goes, swirls are within my FMQ skill level (which isn't very high, but I keep trying) Hopefully this will be next's weeks finish.
Treasures from Trash
Sweetie's favorite Beer
At Sweetie's workplace they buy bags of rags. Sometimes he finds treasures in the rag bags and brings them home to me. I turned one of them into a Sock Monkey challenge for my friends. Read about it here. The reason I did the challenge 2 years ago was that I dislike Sock Monkeys, they are a bit creepy. So since Sweetie was so thrilled about finding treasure in the rag bag, I felt I had to do something with it and so conned my buddies into a challenge. There was quite a variety of projects.

This time he brought home this Guinness Stout piece, looks like it was cut from a pair of flannel pajama bottoms. I am keeping this piece for my own use. Not sure what it will become, but I am sure it will be fun to work with.

This is my off the wall and finish up Friday post for this week.

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