Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bowl city

I love making fabric wrapped clothesline bowls!  I get carried away and make way more than I can use. I have the excess for sale in my Etsy shop.  A couple of weeks ago someone bought a yellow bowl. She said she was thrilled to find one in yellow! I realized that it was the only yellow bowl in my shop. So I cut strips and made a couple more. Of course I got carried away and made a couple others as well.

Four bowls!
They are all different sizes and shapes.  I just let the bowl turn out however it feels like growing.
Daisy print
This is a cute little guy. I had this daisy print on a pale yellow background. It did not photograph well, but is a bit darker than pictured. It is the perfect size to put on your nightstand for jewelry, chapstick, etc. Or I use bowls this size next to my sewing machine as a thread catcher.
Bright Yellow
This was a bright yellow background with tiny red, green, blue and white spots!  It is a larger size, big enough to use as a knitting bowl, to throw the mail in, or display fruit.
Flannel scraps!
I had some leftover strips of flannel that I took out of someone's trash at the retreat last month. Along with a few yellow and green flannel strips that I had in my scrapbag I decided to try making a bowl with them. I hadn't used flannel in making bowls. It turned out really charming!
Total scrapbag
I am a scrapaholic. I can't throw out usable strips and squares. I cut my scraps down to the largest size possible and then sort them into boxes of like sizes. Yeah, I save 1 inch strips. I have this idea of making a crocheted rug out of them.  One day.  So anything that is about 1/2"-1" wide gets thrown into another bag and I use those for making clothesline bowls. Sometimes I sort them into piles of colors and other times I just grab strips out of the bag and let it happen. This big guy is a fun shape. A very wide bottom and not very tall.  I can't decide if I want to keep him or not.

I will worry about it next week when I get the yellow bowls listed.

This is my Finish up Friday and Off the Wall post for this week.


  1. Those are all so pretty! I can't decide which one is my favorite. They each have great qualities. I love my bowls from you! One is filled with my wooden stamps and the other collects threads next to the sewing machine. It is the perfect thread catcher!

  2. Your bowls look lovely! I've never tried to make them yet - perhaps one day.

  3. Years ago a student of mine gave me the clothes line bowl pattern, because she never got around to making any. I am embarrassed to admit I haven't either. Your post just may be the nudge I need, especially to use up those scraps I also never seem to get around to using. :)

  4. Those are beautiful. I have been thinking of trying those bowls. I just have one concern, are they hard on machines? I am worried about stressing my machine.

    1. Vickie, you are set to no-reply. I haven't had any trouble with my machine, I sew on a Bernina.

  5. Your bowls are beautiful and a great excuse to save those scraps!


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